Somewhere, I read that success is not a destination, but a relentless journey.

You can't live long cherishing only yesteryears success.  Life is a forward march and what you do now matters a lot than living on past laurels.  It means, you must have a fighter's spirit to win each situation into your fold.  Sometimes, even when success would not embrace you, it doesn't mean that you allow things to rot.

When I wake up in the mornings, I eagerly look for such real-life stories of people who could inspire the world with their breathtaking bravery in dealing with their situations. And today it is  Bhupendra Tripathi of Gujarat who truly made my day !

If we go into his story,  when Tripathi was diagnosed with cancer, doctors found  a tumour in his two vertebras (spinal chord).  How he encountered the doctors & hospital staff,  better  to listen from his own words :

 I requested the hospital staff to stop addressing me as patient and instead call me a fighter, a hero or a champ. After all, I was fighting twin battles of paralysis and cancer. Finally, after 11-12 months of therapy, I was declared cancer free. There were huge celebrations at the hospital and my home (Source :  )

To cut the story short, Tripathy, though lost his vision subsequently due to complicated treatment procedures, but he did not allow defeat seep into his system. His fighting persona made him to clinch a government job - Manager  in Reserve Bank of India at Ahmedabad.

There are so many such unsung heroes and  when their stories come into mainstream news, they become overnight celebrities !

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