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Saturday, June 18, 2016


In a rousing lecture at a seminar organized by Tehelka News Magazine in 2011,  Sam Pitroda, former Chairman of Knowledge Commission, India and once a  trusted lietunent of  Late Prime Minister of India, Rajiv Gandhi, summed up the Indian Television : We see only three things on Indian Television:  Bollywood, Cricket and Political gossip. I am not interested in any of these !

I too share the same sentiment unequivocally.  Though the whole world is woken up to the fact that excess watching of television is injurious to health, there seems to be little reform in India.  Cinema &  television  still occupy a lion's share of time  in   people's lives, both in  urban  and rural  India.   The habit of book reading is still not evolved the way it should be, in  all age groups.

Democratization of information through internet precipitated the condition and now  people are complacent to whatever little snippets of information they get through that digital medium  and it will no doubt mar the creativity and dry-up the mind power, in the long run.

Latest Google search trends mirrors this disturbing trend.  As per  data released by the search giant,   India is a nation of movie buffs with 1 out of 10 mobile searches in the country being related to cinema. (click here to read that story).  Here the movie artists are Gods.  You can see endless number of television channels.  Websites devote 24X7 live feeds on movies, artists and their personal lives.

Last time, when I saw Google News update, I was deeply annoyed with a news story which dwelt at length on the illness of grandmother of a celebrity actress.   I could not understand, how and why it grabbed the headlines.  It seems that the journalistic ethics are kept at bay.

In  a world driven by SEO (Search Engine Optimization) websites, news channel blur us with a distorted picture of Headlines.  

When movies/television watching exceeds a  limit, it will  brink you to the level so difficult to climb back to normalcy.  It is sad that traditional book reading is fast fading, especially in youth and majority of them don't sense any abnormality in their habits.   Book sales are fast dwindling and bookstores are winding up their businesses which is a serious concern.  I see very rare people who say that they are reading something daily  in book form beyond academic life.

Alcoholic levels of video gaming is another dark area the youth must abandon. It is physical games that tone up your body and mental agility.

It is time to wake up from the slumber and  take a deep breath for corrective action.

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