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A good book on a rainy day is happiness for me - Ruskin Bond

Friday, June 03, 2016


Each one of us is a mass of
imperfections, and to be
able to recognize and live
with our imperfections,
our basic natures, defects
of genes and birth, makes
for an easier transit 
on life's journey.

                   -  Ruskin Bond

The beauty of writing helps to mitigate toxic emotions from your mind. That's why reflection is key to gauge the pace of life, after a day's activities. This helps you minimize the mistakes and lay a firm ground for good actions.

This morning, a colleague hurriedly came and offered me laddu with a bountiful of joy. The occasion was his wedding anniversary. I loved his idea that even in the midst of busy work day, he decided to share his happy moments with his colleagues. But soon after, it slid me into reflection.

A week ago, I hastily warped up my own wedding anniversary celebration with a simple family dinner. Though my wife and I wore new clothes, we could not celebrate with pomp and show. Even we could not visit the temple which we generally don't miss on such occasions. I silently bowed my head and said sorry to Almighty who blessed me to forget Him and allowed me to immerse deeply into professional activities.

However, there are no qualms. Because my wife and children were on board with me as I convinced them enough of my pressing official engagements.

When you have an understanding spouse & children, no problem, otherwise their grumpy faces would tease you ceaselessly.

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