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Monday, June 13, 2016


UNITY IN DIVERSITY:Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Mehooba Mufti pours milk intoa sacred spring at the annual festival at the Kheer Bhawani Temple in Ganderbalon Sunday.— PHOTO: NISSAR AHMAD (report on page 10)
 Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Mehooba Mufti pours milk into a sacred spring at the annual festival at the       Kheer Bhawani Temple in Ganderbalon Sunday - Courtesy : The Hindu dated June, 13, 2016

It is a virtual sprint in the morning hours for me from Monday to Friday.  Rarely I find time to take a leisurely glance of newspaper, though it is partly substituted with reading important headlines. But when  I return home in the night,  I scan the  newspaper diligently  to find any worthy stuff that could be shared.

The idea is to take the news in seed form from the source but  churn out a different story. I believe this  way, I could reach out  to more folks in finding  solutions to  some of the nagging  problems that are confronting  the world.

When, it comes to the story, a newspaper  reported two contrasting stories in it's Main Page :   'Worst Mass Shooting in US that left 50 dead in gay club' and other  'Chief Minister of  Jammu and kashmir Mehooba Mufti poured milk at a Kheer Bhawani Temple in Ganderbal, a place near Srinagar, India.

How to perceive and correlate  these diagonally different stories ?   The religion they embraced is one and the same, but it is not at all  a point of discussion here. The point is,  it is  responsive brain Vs reactive brain  that leads to  different outcomes, one positive and other negative. On one side, the  young man over-reacted when he saw kissing scene of gay persons and went on shooting spree, where as, in another instance,  a matured  woman who is holding  a constitutional post  responded to the public wish that may go a long way in   helping  the State to overcome all hurdles on the road to peace.

The subtle lesson of life is to respect life in all forms.   Being dogmatic don't make any sense in this diverse world.    The role of elders is very crucial to guide youth and youth must  tolerate difference of opinion .   Past experience showed that violence inflicts  loss to both sides of warring factions.  So the wise minds should not make irresponsible & irrational  war cries to incite violence and one must realize that killing anyone would never make the argument strong.   

When everybody accept the existence of a Power beyond human realm, it is ludicrous  to wrangle with  the mode of worship.   When Creator has no issue in what way you are praying, there is no point of settling scores with a gun !

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