Playwright Edward Bond rightly said " All you now do is pursue your private objectives within society. Instead of us being a community, everybody is asked to seek their own personal ends.  It's called competition.  And competition is antagonism.

The other day, when I entered into a hospital premises to meet a  dentist, an unexpected opponent welcomed me.

A stray dog continuously barked at me and  I was forced to lift a stone to save myself from it. Anybody in my situation would certainly act the same way.  Though, I convinced myself that I should not think much of that episode, a part of me watched my own thought process on the incident.

When I gathered the reasons , I found answers.  I was hurt not because the dog barked at me.  I was hurt because, I lifted the stone with an intention to beat it.  As a survival need, I did that but my heart pondered deeply on how to tame it.  I said to myself : Don't do any act that may injure other living beings.  This is the ultimate lesson of spirituality.  You being the human, the crown of creation,  if react this way, how can you raise yourself in life ?  Luckily, I did not pelt a stone on that dog but walked out of the situation safely.

Though we all have material  goals, the spiritual goals come above them.  That's why famous psychologist Abraham Maslow in his famous  Theory of Hierarchy of Needs put Self Actualisation at the top of the pyramid.

What is Self Actualisation ?    It  refers to the need for personal growth and show equanimity on all living beings, including animal and  plant world.

The best barometer to gauge a person's reputation is how many opponents he/she has ? If the number swells rapidly, it is time to pause and review the entire gamut of relationships.  The best way to keep good relationships is to treat all beings equally.  When you treat a person  according to his position on social ladder, you are indirectly creating more opponents in your life. Nobody wants to be unequally treated and in fact, it is the greatest sin !

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