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Sunday, June 12, 2016


Gurmeet Singh
Courtesy : BBC.Com

True wisdom lies in understanding the sufferings of your fellow beings.  Simply understanding would not suffice. You must be empathetic and  silently do  to wipe out their pains.   When you do so, you prove that you are a true citizen of  the world and such gestures  thrive societal values.

There are so many unsung heroes  in our society whose acts need a  big applaud and  trigger inspiration.  But pitiably, the reportage on such noble souls  is very  rare as it generally won't  attract many eyeballs.  But quality journalism ensures digging out such rare stories.

When Soutik Biswas from BBC News.Com, broke  the story of Gurmeet Singh on 14th February, 2016,  it spread negative campaign on the ill-equipped 90 year old  State-run Patna Medical College Hospital, one of the largest in Bihar.   The authorities immediately  prevented Gurmeet to enter the  Hospital's lawaris ward  where he is  serving  the patients with food and medicines for more than 20 years .

When the same story by the writer was republished in Reader's Digest's May, 2016 edition, things had taken a positive turn  and now the administration gave him permission to resume  serving food/ medicines to the abandoned sick.

Gurmeet in fact, desn't have any separate coffers to help these lawaris patients.  His  five brothers joined with his philanthropic mission by putting away 10 percent of their monthly earnings.  This 60 year old works at the family-owned clothes shop during the day and spends his nights in the service of these homeless and familyless patients.  

When you have tender heart, what obstructs you in helping others, especially people in destitute ? 

Clcik here to read the full story appeared at :


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