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Sunday, June 19, 2016


Happy Father's Day!
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At 45, I am really blessed with my living parents.  Alas, my wife is not :(

Life should be celebrated each day, sorry each moment.   You can't dismiss any day being  pale as it gives equal opportunities to every living being without any bias.  This is the  Scheme of Nature.

When early civilisations were formed as a part of human evolution, certain days were designated as Special Days to drive people to attach emotional strings to  relationships.  The mother of all lessons is to know your relationship with the world from which every relationship comes.

If you understand  the philosophy behind observance of any special days,  it is basically meant to remain happy or respect the contribution of certain person in the society, to  harness our relationships.  When your relations are not perfect and become  toxic, your physical well-being is in danger.

Without going deep into the history of Father's Day, let me tell you that Father's Day is being observed on 3rd Sunday of June.

 Mother and Father are child's guiding light in the process of grooming.  If you see your life, you could say that woman is predominant with right-brain and man is dominated by left-brain.   That's why Mothers are basically emotional who give much credence to thriving relationships where as Man is driven by hard logic.  The child equally  requires the   parental love  of  both,  to learn the nuances of better living.

In fact, you can't make a theory out of grooming a child.  It involves so many intricacies.  Like the catchphrase of  America's External Intelligence Arm, CIA,  it is the Work of a Nation !

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