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Friday, June 03, 2016


A Telugu movie : Brahmotsavam's  video grab at a multiplex  in Delhi

Due to some unforeseen circumstances at last moment, this summer, I could not commit my children any vacation.  To appease them  , last week, I mooted the idea of   taking them to a  movie in the multiplex nearby.

As you know,  the heat of inflation in Delhi is much more than raising temperatures.  You need to have a separate mechanism to gauge prices as they are increasing almost daily like bullion market.   We booked tickets  @ Rs.354 per head online.   The sore  part of the story is snacks.  As per that multiplex's rules, you are not  allowed to  carry any outside snacks into  theatre.  If you want to munch snacks while watching, you are perforce buy from their stalls only.

The snacks I booked online spun my head.  One large bowel of salted popcorn with two combo Pepsi costed  me a whopping Rs.400/-    Normally, all those items would at best come for a price of Rs.150/- or Rs.200/-  It looks that the rates are deliberately inflated to get quick bucks. I couldn't understand the logic of charging such hefty amounts for simple routine snacks.   The most enraging thing is, they prevent you from taking snacks from outside.

In South India, especially in my Home State Andhra Pradesh, there is no such blanket ban  like this.  It is totally undemocratic practice of doing business and  I oppose  the idea vehemently.

On the one-side,  governments are doing a lot for ease of  doing business in India,  where as certain existing business practices put the end-customers in deep agony.   No business could  flourish in the long run  by adopting such nasty tricks. As a middle-class man, I wish that multiplexes should not rob the cinema-goers like this, which is totally against business ethics.

Somebody from the government should look into it !

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