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Wednesday, June 29, 2016


The success of any website or blog lies with it's easy interface and authentic information it provides. 

Image result for worldThough Google helps us to take to right location, in majority of the cases, the information may not help us. The reason is obvious. The search result of any search engine is nothing but an algorithm with little human intervention. Unless somebody writes on a particular subject, you can't find that information at the click of a button.

In a world driven by massive flow of information on digital front, finding write kind information involves stupendous efforts.

But constant search of internet sometimes land you to marvellous websites.  Being a blogger with a mission to help the folks, it is my duty to bring such best websites to the knowledge of more people. 

All daily news pertain to countries and if you wish to know more about countries and their data, I find the following three websites very useful as they  have  credible information.

 Check yourself with the following links :

With regard to information on India, the Government of India's Portal always comes to your aid. 

For statistics on India, better to knock the doors of Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation's Portal

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  1. These are some good infromation sources. You might also find the CIA web site useful -


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