Playwright Edward Bond rightly said " All you now do is pursue your private objectives within society. Instead of us being a community, everybody is asked to seek their own personal ends.  It's called competition.  And competition is antagonism.

The other day, when I entered into a hospital premises to meet a  dentist, an unexpected opponent welcomed me.

A stray dog continuously barked at me and  I was forced to lift a stone to save myself from it. Anybody in my situation would certainly act the same way.  Though, I convinced myself that I should not think much of that episode, a part of me watched my own thought process on the incident.

When I gathered the reasons , I found answers.  I was hurt not because the dog barked at me.  I was hurt because, I lifted the stone with an intention to beat it.  As a survival need, I did that but my heart pondered deeply on how to tame it.  I said to myself : Don't do any act that may injure other living beings.  This is the ultimate lesson of spirituality.  You being the human, the crown of creation,  if react this way, how can you raise yourself in life ?  Luckily, I did not pelt a stone on that dog but walked out of the situation safely.

Though we all have material  goals, the spiritual goals come above them.  That's why famous psychologist Abraham Maslow in his famous  Theory of Hierarchy of Needs put Self Actualisation at the top of the pyramid.

What is Self Actualisation ?    It  refers to the need for personal growth and show equanimity on all living beings, including animal and  plant world.

The best barometer to gauge a person's reputation is how many opponents he/she has ? If the number swells rapidly, it is time to pause and review the entire gamut of relationships.  The best way to keep good relationships is to treat all beings equally.  When you treat a person  according to his position on social ladder, you are indirectly creating more opponents in your life. Nobody wants to be unequally treated and in fact, it is the greatest sin !


The success of any website or blog lies with it's easy interface and authentic Information.

Though Google helps us to take to right location, in majority of the cases, the information may not help us.  The reason is obvious.   The search result of  any search engine  is nothing but an algorithm with little human intervention.   Unless somebody writes on a particular subject, you can't find that information at the click of a button.

In a world driven by  massive flow of  information on  digital front, finding write kind information involves  stupendous efforts.

But constant search of internet sometimes land you to marvellous websites.  Being a blogger with a mission to help the folks, it is my duty to bring such best websites to the knowledge of more people. 

All daily news pertain to countries and if you wish to know more about countries and their data, I find the following three websites very useful as they  have  credible information.

 Check yourself with the following links :

With regard to information  on India, the Government of India's Portal always comes to your aid. 
For statistics on India, better to knock the doors of  Ministry of  Statistics and Programme Implementation's Portal


Old wine and old books are always on perennial demand.

My fortune of reading great books lies with my source material I bank upon - Quotes. The sayings or quotes of great authors, celebrities, successful businessmen, sports-persons and above all wisdom masters attract my eye. Through these quotes, I was introduced to some of the greatest writers like Orison Swett Mardon, Khushwant Singh, Ruskin Bond and the list goes endless.

If you dig deep into the books of any great wirter, you find their favourite authors who influenced their lives.

I do this digging process which gives me the highest joy. Great writers of past centuries like Ralph Waldo Emerson, Henry David Thoreau, Benjamin Franklin , Orison Swett Marden, etc. came into my radar only after I ploughed through Internet since 2011.

The beauty is, books of all such great authors are freely available on internet, and the only prerequisite is, you should have a heart to search for them.

The other day, I re-read Ruskin Bond's small volume called A Book of Simple Living - Brief Notes from the Hills. It is a sort journal written by Ruskin over the years. While giving a brief account of his return journey to India from U.K., in 1955, the then twenty-one year old Anglo-Indian says that I had two books with me - Thoreau's Walden and Richard Jefferies's The Story of My Heart. 

I already read Walden which is a mine of wisdom on simple living. But, little I know about the other writer Richard Jefferies, Ruskin referred. When I curiously looked into Google, I was taken to the direct link of Jfferies's book The Story of My Heart. 

This book is a must read for all Nature lovers, recommended by Ruskin Bond. Once you read this book, you never feel lonely, even if you are alone and that wisdom takes your life into next orbit. 


Success does not require lengthy sermon. In one word, it is perseverance.  When success embraces you, it itself becomes a great narration. 

In the world when one becomes a celebrity, each of his or her act is seen from a magnified glass. When I flip through the newspapers, tabloids, magazines, I feel that a paradigm shift is needed in the journalistic ethos.  Instead of concentrating their energies for  attracting more eyeballs,  the scribblers must honestly do their jobs with novelty.  The problem in fact is, only a handful of them do what is supposed to be done and rest fall into mediocrity.

One way to find a loyal reader is to write in an engaging tone. The secret also lies on the subject you choose. If you write on people of everyday life, it would attract more loyal readers. I always give my first preference to read  such stories where the person shows  unmatched resolve in  achieving  the goals. 

The man you are seeing above is Rishipal, 45,  an ordinary cook in a police force in Delhi, but with an  immense passion for fitness.  When I sit with him for a chat, his radiant eyes and raised biceps narrated half the story.  No tricks were involved but only  four years workout through a  natural process, he contends.  It means, he has not used any supplements, protein powders in the process of body-building. 

His daily workout includes 3 km run in the morning after which, he has a set of exercises on sophisticated machines that would tone up his muscles and different parts of the body.

When asked, how he got this whole idea, Rishipal says that God plans us to live this way, where as most of us are not adhering to the fitness level required. When asked about the food he eats, Rishipal says that he takes six bananas after one litre of water in the morning, then starts exercise. His breakfast includes baked badam, soya and multi-grams. He advises us to have solid breakfast in the morning. His special diet includes 1 ltr milk with 20 eggs.

Rishipal's  secret behind keeping this  envious body lies in this fact : I don't take artificial sweets at all.  If I require glucose, I take it from natural sources like fruits.
With a wink of smile, Rishipal wraps up the chat with these concluding remarks : Even if you lure me with money  to skip these workouts, I don't ! 

What Rishipal believes can't be dismissed as  it is a Science of Body !



Unusual activity in my Facebook Account, may be spam :(  Immediately this quote of Napolean Bonaparte came to mind  : Never awake me when you have good news to announce, because with good news nothing presses; but when you have bad news, arouse me immediately, for then there is not an instant to be lost - Napoleon I

You can delay in communicating good news, but not with bad one. Some times your reputation would be at stake.

Last evening, as usual when I was sharing some content in my Facebook Timeline & Page, I got a chat  message from a guy whose name I could not exactly remember with unusual question 'is this your video ?'   Since I have YouTube channel where I uploaded around 6 or 7 videos of mine,  I tried to open the link that guy sent me.  Soon it had taken to a page of some obscene material.  Immediately, I unfriend that guy, but it  immediately created the same link automatically from my side and sent to  half a dozen people in my friends list.   I got responses the same way like I experienced.   It almost spun my head.  Immediately, I permanently turned off my ' chats' buttons and decided not to respond to any chats any more.  Friends were asked  to use alternative means to interact with me through my twitter handle.

This may be a phishing attack, but luckily I have not put any valuable personal data in my FB profile.  On internet, nothing is foolproof.  Even the Google or Facebook servers are under constant  attacks by some software geeks when devil works on their minds.

Through this post, I want to caution all friends especially on FB . I advice you to be cautious   when you are online. Unless situation warrants, it is better to turn off the chat in FB and turn it on only when required . It is a safe measure, especially for girls and women who are on high risk zone. Due to all these reasons, I have not allowed my school-going daughters to have their own FB Accounts.

So, the home point is,  prevention is better than cure !


Happy Father's Day!

At 45, I am really  blessed with my living parents.  Alas, my wife is not :(

Life should be celebrated each day, sorry,  each moment.   You can't dismiss any day being pale as it gives equal opportunities to every living being without any bias.  This is the Scheme of Nature.

When early civilisations were formed as a part of human evolution, certain days were designated as Special Days to drive people to attach emotional strings  in relationships.  The mother of all lessons is to know your relationship with the world from which every relationship sprouts.

If you understand  the philosophy behind observance of any special days,  it is basically meant to remain happy or respect the contribution of certain person in your life.   When your relations are not perfect and become  toxic, your physical well-being is in grave danger.

Without going deep into the history of Father's Day, let me tell you that Father's Day is being observed on 3rd Sunday of June.

 Mother and Father are child's guiding light in the process of grooming.  If you see your life, you could say that woman is predominant with right-brain and man is dominated by left-brain.   That's why woman is  basically emotional who give much credence to thriving relationships whereas Man is driven by hard logic.  The child equally  requires the   parental love  of  both,  to learn the nuances of better living.

In fact, you can't make a theory out of grooming a child.  It involves so many intricacies.  Like the catchphrase of  America's External Intelligence Arm, CIA,  it is the Work of a Nation !

  Read this also  :


In a rousing lecture at a seminar organized by Tehelka News Magazine in 2011,  Sam Pitroda, former Chairman of Knowledge Commission, India and once a  trusted lietunent of  Late Prime Minister of India, Rajiv Gandhi, summed up the Indian Television : We see only three things on Indian Television:  Bollywood, Cricket and Political gossip. I am not interested in any of these !

I too share the same sentiment unequivocally.  Though the whole world is woken up to the fact that excess watching of television is injurious to health, there seems to be little reform in India.  Cinema &  television  still occupy a lion's share of time  in   people's lives, both in  urban  and rural  India.   The habit of book reading is still not evolved the way it should be, in  all age groups.

Democratization of information through internet precipitated the condition and now  people are complacent to whatever little snippets of information they get through that digital medium  and it will no doubt mar the creativity and dry-up the mind power, in the long run.

Latest Google search trends mirrors this disturbing trend.  As per  data released by the search giant,   India is a nation of movie buffs with 1 out of 10 mobile searches in the country being related to cinema. (click here to read that story).  Here the movie artists are Gods.  You can see endless number of television channels.  Websites devote 24X7 live feeds on movies, artists and their personal lives.

Last time, when I saw Google News update, I was deeply annoyed with a news story which dwelt at length on the illness of grandmother of a celebrity actress.   I could not understand, how and why it grabbed the headlines.  It seems that the journalistic ethics are kept at bay.

In  a world driven by SEO (Search Engine Optimization) websites, news channel blur us with a distorted picture of Headlines.  

When movies/television watching exceeds a  limit, it will  brink you to the level so difficult to climb back to normalcy.  It is sad that traditional book reading is fast fading, especially in youth and majority of them don't sense any abnormality in their habits.   Book sales are fast dwindling and bookstores are winding up their businesses which is a serious concern.  I see very rare people who say that they are reading something daily  in book form beyond academic life.

Alcoholic levels of video gaming is another dark area the youth must abandon. It is physical games that tone up your body and mental agility.

It is time to wake up from the slumber and  take a deep breath for corrective action.


Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Mehooba Mufti pours milk into a sacred spring at the annual festival at the Kheer Bhawani Temple in Ganderbalon 

It is a virtual sprint in the morning hours for me from Monday to Friday. Rarely I find time to take a leisurely glance of newspaper, though it is partly substituted with reading important headlines. But when I return home in the night, I scan the newspaper diligently to find any worthy stuff that could be shared.

The idea is to take the news in seed form from the source but churn out a different story. I believe this way, I could reach out to more folks in finding solutions to some of the nagging problems that are confronting the world.

When, it comes to the story, a newspaper reported two contrasting stories in it's Main Page : 'Worst Mass Shooting in US that left 50 dead in gay club' and other 'Chief Minister of Jammu and kashmir Mehooba Mufti poured milk at a Kheer Bhawani Temple in Ganderbal, a place near Srinagar, India.

How to perceive and correlate these diagonally different stories ? The religion they embraced is one and the same, but it is not at all a point of discussion here. The point is, it is responsive brain Vs reactive brain that leads to different outcomes, one positive and other negative. On one side, the young man over-reacted when he saw kissing scene of gay persons and went on a shooting spree, where as, in another instance, a matured woman who is holding a constitutional post responded to the public wish that may go a long way in helping the State to overcome all hurdles on the road to peace.

The subtle lesson of life is to respect life in all forms. Being dogmatic don't make any sense in this diverse world. The role of elders is very crucial to guide youth and youth must tolerate difference of opinion . Past experience showed that violence inflicts loss on both sides. So the wise minds should not make irresponsible & irrational war cries to incite violence and one must realize that killing anyone would never make the argument strong.

When everybody accept the existence of a Power beyond human realm, it is ludicrous to wrangle with the mode of worship. When the Creator has no issue in what way you are praying, there is no point of settling scores with a gun !