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A good book on a rainy day is happiness for me - Ruskin Bond

Thursday, June 30, 2016


Playwright Edward Bond rightly said " All you now do is pursue your private objectives within society. Instead of us being a community, everybody is asked to seek their own personal ends.  It's called competition.  And competition is antagonism.

The other day, when I entered into a hospital premises to meet a  dentist, an unexpected opponent welcomed me.

A stray dog continuously barked at me and  I was forced to lift a stone to save myself from it. Anybody in my situation would certainly do the same.   Though, I convinced myself that I should not think much of that episode, a part of me watched my own thought process on the incident.

Wednesday, June 29, 2016


The success of any website or blog lies with it's easy interface and authentic information it provides. 

Image result for worldThough Google helps us to take to right location, in majority of the cases, the information may not help us. The reason is obvious. The search result of any search engine is nothing but an algorithm with little human intervention. Unless somebody writes on a particular subject, you can't find that information at the click of a button.

In a world driven by massive flow of information on digital front, finding write kind information involves stupendous efforts.

Saturday, June 25, 2016


Image result for RICHARD JEFFERIES

Old wine and old books are always on perennial demand.

My fortune of  reading great books lies with my source material I bank upon - Quotes. The sayings or quotes of great authors, celebrities, successful businessmen, sports-persons and above all  wisdom masters attract my eye.  Through these quotes, I was introduced to some of the greatest writers like Khushwant Singh, Ruskin Bond and the list is endless.

If you dig deep into the books of any great wirter, you find their favourite authors who  influenced their lives.

I do this  digging process on  weekends and it gives me the highest joy.   Great writers of past centuries like Ralph Waldo Emerson, Henry David Thoreau, Orison Swett Marden, Benjamin Franklin etc. came into my radar only after I ploughed through Internet since 2011.

Thursday, June 23, 2016


Success does not require lengthy sermon. In one word, it is perseverance.  When success embraces you, it itself becomes great narration. 

In the world when one becomes a celebrity, each of his or her act is seen from a magnified glass. When I flip through the newspapers, tabloids, magazines, I feel that a paradigm shift is needed in the journalistic ethos. Instead of concentrating their energies for attracting more eyeballs, the scribblers must honestly do their jobs with novelty. The problem in fact is, only a handful of them do what is supposed to be done and rest fall into mediocrity.

Monday, June 20, 2016


Unusual activity in my Facebook Account, may be spam :(

Never awake me when you have good news to announce, because with good news nothing presses; but when you have bad news, arouse me immediately, for then there is not an instant to be lost - Napoleon I

You can delay in communicating good news, but not with bad one. Some times your reputation would be at stake.

Sunday, June 19, 2016


Happy Father's Day!
Courtesy: Google

At 45, I am really blessed with my living parents.  Alas, my wife is not :(

Life should be celebrated each day, sorry each moment.   You can't dismiss any day being  pale as it gives equal opportunities to every living being without any bias.  This is the  Scheme of Nature.

When early civilisations were formed as a part of human evolution, certain days were designated as Special Days to drive people to attach emotional strings to  relationships.  The mother of all lessons is to know your relationship with the world from which every relationship comes.

If you understand  the philosophy behind observance of any special days,  it is basically meant to remain happy or respect the contribution of certain person in the society, to  harness our relationships.  When your relations are not perfect and become  toxic, your physical well-being is in danger.

Saturday, June 18, 2016


In a rousing lecture at a seminar organized by Tehelka News Magazine in 2011,  Sam Pitroda, former Chairman of Knowledge Commission, India and once a  trusted lietunent of  Late Prime Minister of India, Rajiv Gandhi, summed up the Indian Television : We see only three things on Indian Television:  Bollywood, Cricket and Political gossip. I am not interested in any of these !

I too share the same sentiment unequivocally.  Though the whole world is woken up to the fact that excess watching of television is injurious to health, there seems to be little reform in India.  Cinema &  television  still occupy a lion's share of time  in   people's lives, both in  urban  and rural  India.   The habit of book reading is still not evolved the way it should be, in  all age groups.

Monday, June 13, 2016


UNITY IN DIVERSITY:Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Mehooba Mufti pours milk intoa sacred spring at the annual festival at the Kheer Bhawani Temple in Ganderbalon Sunday.— PHOTO: NISSAR AHMAD (report on page 10)
 Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Mehooba Mufti pours milk into a sacred spring at the annual festival at the       Kheer Bhawani Temple in Ganderbalon Sunday - Courtesy : The Hindu dated June, 13, 2016

It is a virtual sprint in the morning hours for me from Monday to Friday.  Rarely I find time to take a leisurely glance of newspaper, though it is partly substituted with reading important headlines. But when  I return home in the night,  I scan the  newspaper diligently  to find any worthy stuff that could be shared.

The idea is to take the news in seed form from the source but  churn out a different story. I believe this  way, I could reach out  to more folks in finding  solutions to  some of the nagging  problems that are confronting  the world.

Sunday, June 12, 2016


Gurmeet Singh
Courtesy : BBC.Com

True wisdom lies in understanding the sufferings of your fellow beings.  Simply understanding would not suffice. You must be empathetic and  silently do  to wipe out their pains.   When you do so, you prove that you are a true citizen of  the world and such gestures  thrive societal values.

There are so many unsung heroes  in our society whose acts need a  big applaud and  trigger inspiration.  But pitiably, the reportage on such noble souls  is very  rare as it generally won't  attract many eyeballs.  But quality journalism ensures digging out such rare stories.


90th birthday of Britain's Queen Elizabeth II
Britain's Queen Elizabeth II and her husband, Prince Phillip

I am exactly half of her age, 45. Most of the women at her age can't walk even with a support.

On 10th June, 2016 when Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II turned 90, it was a celebration moment all over United Kingdom. The Queen accompanied by her husband when climbed the steps of St Paul's Cathedral for a National Service of Thanksgiving, the grandeur of her walk  without any strains of aging  reflect her robust health even at this ripe age.

This Royal Old Woman with her super fitness is giving fairly a big message to the world.  Don't neglect your health. 

It must inspire billions of people all over the world !

To see her video click here :

Friday, June 03, 2016


Each one of us is a mass of
imperfections, and to be
able to recognize and live
with our imperfections,
our basic natures, defects
of genes and birth, makes
for an easier transit 
on life's journey.

               -  Ruskin Bond

To say that you are perfect is a crime.

If anybody doesn't confess, it doesn't mean that they are all right.

The beauty of writing is such that it would  dry up toxic emotions  from your mind.  That's why reflection is key  to gauge the pace of life,  after a day's activities. This helps you minimize the mistakes and lay a firm ground  for good actions.


A Telugu movie : Brahmotsavam's  video grab at a multiplex  in Delhi

Due to some unforeseen circumstances at last moment, this summer, I could not commit my children any vacation.  To appease them  , last week, I mooted the idea of   taking them to a  movie in the multiplex nearby.


Be like water.
There's no stopping it.
No matter how tiny the
trickle, it's going to get

           -  Ruskin Bond

With age, the wisdom eye opens.  When I pose a question for whom I am writing, a reply instantly came from the depths of my heart : for myself !

This writing saga started way back in March, 2011 and is going on  uninterruptedly.   If you see my blog's archive,  it is  inundated with more than five hundred blogposts that show you the canvas  of my life in  notation.
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