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Sunday, May 08, 2016


Mother's Day
God could not be everywhere, so He created mothers”  - Author Unknown 

For the last two days, my mind is hankering to share my story on the occasion of  Mother's Day which is being celebrated on 2nd Sunday of May  in most parts of the world.

We all owe to our mothers what we are today in life ! The word mother symbolizes caring, compassion and  unwavering loving without expecting anything in return  from the child.  That's why, we use the phrase  motherly care.  Father gives logistic and financial support to the child  where as mother actively participates in the child's day to day development due to which children are naturally closer to their mothers and not fathers in majority of  the cases.

When it comes to my story, my mother though didn't have formal education, but her sharp brain with a wit to steer the daily affairs of  our home is unparalleled.  From her,  I learnt Telugu's most proverbs which she quotes to every context from time to time.  I somewhat inherited her foresight, photographic memory, intellect.  More than that what I couldn't still forget is how she pacified my father when I was given money to bring sugar from local provision store, where as I spent those bucks for purchase of 3 kgs of Vedic literature from a waste-paper seller on 9th January 1990 (my final year of graduation).  Those books were the first instalment  in my personal library which now grew in size crossing approx three-hundred mark.  

Reading of those immortal books helped me to propel in life and it also sowed the first seeds of  passion to write.   If there is anything I could give credit for my writer's journey, it is all her kind gestures then that nurtured me to rise in life without neglecting my hobbies - reading with equal passion to write !

As a gesture of my gratitude, today I rang up to her and conveyed my greetings before I sit for writing this post.

Once again, Happy Mother's Day to All Wonderful Mothers on this Universe !  


  1. Such a heartwarming story, my mom helped me a great deal too during various phases of life.

    Such a huge collection you have 😊

  2. Worthy article on 'Mother's day'.
    Warm Mothers' Day greetings with a salute to all 'real' mothers in the world.!

  3. she sacrifices so many things about children's in her life. we can't express her love in words. nice post.


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