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Tuesday, May 03, 2016

A old woman inspires youngsters to walk - Photo courtesy : My Samsung E7

The benefits of walking are endless !  Perhaps the older people know this fact much better than the  younger lot.

When I take morning stroll in the park nearby my home, I assume myself as a student to learn from the people either I see or interact.  In the process of this learning, even if a stray dog appears I look at it with a wisdom lens.

It is only by nurture that becomes your nature !  Books somewhat help  you in the process.

When it comes to walking, I find more aged people who do walking  as an uninterrupted daily ritual. Though I see small number of youngsters, the aged always outnumber on any given day.  In my walks,  I observed that  the old woman you are seeing above musters enough strength to stretch her legs on forward march and silently inspires people like me.

Anything you do or don't do is the faculty of decision which you are all endowed with.  We humans are pretty wise to shift gears so fast , according to the convenience and in the process sometimes bad decision hits and we know  them  only at a later stage.

So taking a decision is so crucial and taking good decisions daily would strengthen the good-decision-taking muscles.

Napoleon Hill in his epic book Think & Grow rich gives interesting tips to take decisions.  He says that analysis of over 25000 men and women who had experienced failure disclosed the fact that lack of decision was near the head of the list of the thirty-one major causes of failure.

Knowing something good is one thing,  and act upon  is a different ball game.  Only few would succeed and show to the world what they could achieve !  History is replete with countless success stories of people of rags to riches.  If you analyse what they have more than anything, it is  consistency.   

Hill in the said book quotes that one of Henry Ford's most outstanding qualities was his habit of reaching decisions quickly and definitely, and changing them slowly.   If you understand the deeper meaning of these immortal words,  you are sure to reach the pinnacle of  success !

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