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Saturday, May 28, 2016


An autobiography is only to be trusted when it reveals something disgraceful.

                                                                                    - George Orwell

Don't dismiss on one stroke that all back-benchers are not worthy students.

In good part of my academic life, I did not sit on front bench which people fight for it. I am rather a typical boy with a fluorescent bulb-like mind i.e. don't light up immediately ! I can't grasp as quickly as majority of people do. I was correctly gauged two decades ago by one of my former bosses who graded me as a man of average abilities in my annual performance appraisal report.

We are living on daily bites of raw guess. But the beauty of human life is, people generally can't forecast the future of a person exactly. They consider all metrics like his/her traits, strengths, family background, influences, connections etc. But there is a hidden factor that remains dormant i.e. possibility field. The giant may wake up at any moment in one's life.

Like other stories of inspiration, my life too filled with so many surprises. Now if I look back my life, I could smile at myself. I was not at all a bright student in my school life. In fact I am a bundle of failures with a third-class percentage in my Class 10. Stubbornness, hormonal influence, adamancy and wrong friendships somewhat sidetracked my education for certain period. When hell broke loose on me, I was forced to discontinue my studies in Class 11 and worked for half year at a fishing pond as supervisor.

Supervising the labourers in the fields tucked away from the town completely shuttered my spirits. This sudden jolt gave me life's first toughest lesson - Give value to the Education. My day's work from sunrise to sunset in the open fields and reaching the workplace on cycle snaking through dusty lines through graveyard in the midst of burning corpses is a nightmare I couldn't forget.

To make the story short, I finished my Class 12 with High Second Class and did graduation extremely well with First Class. Learning stenography in the middle of college education finally sailed me to the shores of comfortable government service.

Now, it looks that some hidden Force held my hand and guided me all through this treacherous path !

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