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Thursday, May 19, 2016


Photo credit: The Hindu  dated  5/19/2016

Some wise man  rightly said this : Don't see first page of newspaper when you wake up in the morning; rather see the last page where sports achievements are  covered.

If you unfold the meaning hidden in these lines, you find that the first page of any newspaper reports violence, failures, corruption, politics which generally catch anybody's eye.  Where as, the last page, mainly stays on Sports, achievements of individuals, breakthroughs in Science, History etc.

But exception is everywhere. Sometimes, the front page of a newspaper also reports some inspiring news and that wonder happened this morning when I flipped through the newspaper.

The news is of a man from  Delhi's slum area who cleared Civil Services Examination . In fact Delhi is the hub for Civil Service coaching centres.  Thousands of civil service aspirants make Delhi as their second home in the process of getting selected.  I was told by a friend  that Mukherjee Nagar in Delhi is known for so many such unsung heroes who come from different parts of the country specially for coaching and some of them stay in sub-human conditions in the name of preparation for this covetous exam.

If we go into the details, Sandeep Kumar who did his BA (Political Science) through correspondence course clinched 780th rank which, he believes would fetch him  either IPS (Indian Police Service) or IRS (Indian Revenue Service).  The crux of the story is,  Sandeep prepared on his own  and achieved this feat without any coaching.  News reports  reveal that this 28 year old  son of autorickshaw driver lives in a 10 x 12 feet makeshift cabin at Anand Parbat, a suburb in Delhi, with his family.

Sandeep said that for the past two years, he had been putting in 10 to 12 hours of hard work everyday.  With this achievement, Sandeep became a overnight celebrity in his colony. He stands as a shining example of what a poor man  with a strong resolve could achieve even without any adequate financial background or guidance from coaching institutes.

Though he did not give any direct credit for any person who mentored his success,  I strongly believe that some great books might have triggered him inspiration to tread a path to success.    

We are all endowed with this hidden potential.  But success embraces only those who believe in themselves and constantly test new waters at every opportune moment !

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