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A good book on a rainy day is happiness for me - Ruskin Bond

Saturday, May 28, 2016


Let me confess first that I am writing this piece when crippled  by  the toothache   on a searing afternoon with sweat moisturizing  my body  and it is a daunting task.

Mind is not able to pace up   and fingers are not cooperating  to run  with the ideas on the mind screen.    Still, I pulled up my strings  to march ahead.  Because, the subject is  happiness which is my favorite topic.

A newspaper this morning published the views of four young girls on happiness.  The first girl Vibhuti said : happiness for me means selflessness.  Another girl Neelima said : happiness is getting ready for bed and being excited about tomorrow.  Third girl Layshree said : happiness to me is having coffee in a quiet and tranquil place.  The last girl Ayushka quipped : to me happiness means theater. 

My definition of happiness is summation what all the girls told.  The underlying thread that must connect you is contentment.   Wisdom masters say that if you are happy for reason and if the reason is snatched from you, you become unhappy.  That's why, they tell us to remain happy without a reason.  Easy to say than to convince the heart.   Majority of us use  the hard logic  to conquer the world where as you must win the world  only with an empathetic heart.  The so called hard logic must be used to tame your own wild monkey-like mind.

I don't advocate the idea of becoming hermit.  But my point is,  you can feel like hermit for a while during the day.  It only needs your permission and mental resources.  Never, I say you to contend with activities that shoot up your  intellectual life.  My advice is to have contentment  on   physical comforts which we try to heap in the name of social security, status and image.

A Zen parable correctly advocates this idea of minimum physical comforts without compromising maximum happiness :

Once upon a time, there was a king who had everything he could ask for in life, wealth, health, a loving family and many caring friends. But he could never feel happy. A saint offered him an easy solution. Happiness would come his way if he wore the shirt of the happiest person in his kingdom. So his men searched far and wide and finally found a truly blissful soul in a grimy shanty on the fringes of the town. But they asked him for his shirt, he could not offer one. He had none.

While writing these lines, I am gulping chilled water to sooth my ached-tooth.

Perhaps Almighty listened my prayer and now slowly I reached to a point of no pain :)

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