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Saturday, May 21, 2016


purple flower in sadiq nagar, south delhi
Location : Sadiq Nagar Park, South Delhi with my Samsung E7
A couple of years back, another fellow blogger asked me : What is your niche ? and I shot back with this reply. My niche is KNOWLEDGE, the Mother of all Niches.

In fact, I don't want to limit myself to certain niche in my writings as it may limit my area of exploration.

When I get bored with reading, I switch to writing and when that exhausts me, I turn to photography. These alternative activities not only gives  novelty to my blog,  but appease my senses which always want to expose to new kind of things, experiences and  new world.  

Of all the life on this Earth, plant life is most amazing to me.  If I visit a park on my backyard,  I find hundreds of varieties of plants co-exist in a blissful way where as we humans don't even able to tolerate the difference of opinion  and lock horns virtually with everybody. 

In the above picture, I see three kinds of plants interwoven to express unity of Life. The queenly look of purple flowers in this image stilled me to give a glimpse of it for you ! 

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