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Monday, May 23, 2016


Courtesy : YouTube

The old adage goes like this : Some times you have  to eat  to live; and some other times, you have to live to eat !

Routine food makes your tongue sour.  Imagine, there is an experienced chef who guides you with a hand in making your choicest food.

Here is a Hyderabadi boy called Sanjay who is now a  popular host in mainstream Telegu T.V. channels with his best cooking shows.  

If you dig his story, you come to know that he  clinched a gold medal  in National Level Cooking Competition while studying degree.   He is so passionate  with  cooking which rose him as one of  the India's best Chefs  and his YouTube channel, with  more than  1500 videos  has already attracted  around 35 crore views offering best cuisine of all tastes.

Click here to visit his YouTube channel :

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