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Wednesday, May 04, 2016


Courtesy : My Samsung E7 

When your ideas flow on paper or digital screen like an effortless spool, writing becomes pleasant.  A few years back, it was a daunting task for me to write.  I used to torn countless papers to put to pen even a small  insightI got.

Now, down the line, writing becomes pretty interesting activity to pour out my heart.  Words are falling to the context almost in a natural rhythm .  I wonder now whether it is nurtured by practice or happened as a miracle :))

The other day, my wife saw this jasmine in our neighbour's garden and asked me to shoot. I executed her orders and mooted the idea to write on it.   Soon after when I was struggling to decide the title for this post, accidentally, I got  a flash of this  popular ad-tag of Onida TV on my mind.   Onida was a popular brand television in 90s in India.  The advertisement with this tagline gained a lot of popularity in those days.

Perhaps, this  title suits more than anything.  Having a blooming garden should always be considered as prized possession.  You may have or not a wad of currency notes in your wallet.  And that doesn't matter.   But if you don't have piece of Nature in your living area, you are better to none.

Jasmine is known for it's unparalleled fragrance and it is South Indian woman's most preferred flower in summer when she adorns these flowers on her hair !  Now that trend is slowly waning.

Even snakes enjoy jasmine very much !

But  today's busy life is almost out of sync with Nature, especially enjoying the fragrance of flowers.

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