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Sunrise in Sadiq Nagar Park, south Delhi - ©
Recently my colleague wittily commented  in a facebook post that I could open a photo studio after my retirement.  I could understand  his contents.  He tried to appreciate my photographic skills, of course in a sarcastic way. and I don't feel offensive !

If I look back in my life,   it is correct that I am  a bit crazy with photography since my childhood.   This desire took a new turn when I started earning.  But after marriage, the desire intensified as I felt the need to document my marriage life phase after phase so that it would not only  help my posterity  to know the stories associated with the life events but help me to chew the cud of those pleasant moments.

In fact, I have neatly laid out albums of my life from marriage to till the children were somewhat grown up.  Even I preserved a piece of umbilical chord of my younger daughter as a pleasant memory.

So this photography mania is not a newly born desire, but an old one flourishing so well with my 13 mega-pixel camera equipped Samsung E7.   I know,  it has limitations, but I could manage with it for some more years and thereafter I wish to buy  a professional camera.

In the mornings, when I am with  my  mobile and strolls in the park, I become a little restless to take a glimpse of  Nature which  some times necessitate to standstill to take a particular angle for the snap.   And when I submerge  in this activity,  my wife crosses me with a grin, and to ride with her steps, I take short cuts in my walks :))

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