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Monday, May 16, 2016


Credit : My Samsung E7

When I run out of ideas,  divine intervention comes through my wife.

Though my wife  exactly directly don't help in my writings, sometimes, she  gives ideas which may blossom into articles.

The image you are seeing is taken from my mobile when my wife brought to me this fallen fruit from the tree nearby my home. It is called  
సీమ చింత కయ  in my vernacular -Telugu. I referred to Google Maa to know it's English equivalent.   No sooner had I pinged, the online giant retrieved with this unpronounceable word : Pithecellobium dulce.

In fact,  these are botanical names difficult to pronounce and remember.   In fact,  it  is  basically a thorny tree and the fruit is actually it's pod, a white sweetish edible pulp over black seeds.  In layman's  language,  it is  also called Madras Thorn or Manila Tamarind.  In Hindi, it is called  Jalebi Imli or Ganga Imli.

When I tasted it's pod, my mouth became  sour with it's taste.  But a ripened pod tastes sweeter.   While munching,  it threw me to my childhood memories when I along with my friends  used to visit rice fields in search of these pods and we would return  homes in the evenings with envious collections.

City life of today can't  match with those pleasant days spent in small towns and villages.   Who says that we forget everything on the forward march in life ?  Nope !

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  1. i love these to bits....reminded me of my childhood running home after school :)


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