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Sunday, May 22, 2016


If I look back my blogging journey, it is so treacherous in the initial years, say in 2011.  I used to spend hours to make it happen in the first place.  In fact,  I have not approached any technical hand in designing part and writing for me was a distant dream then.

But, if a man has strong will, what is not possible ?  At the start of my journey itself, I decided that I don't seek anybody's help with regard to design part.  Why because, I have my own aesthetic sense and confident enough to deal with the problem with my own inner resources.

A wise man rightly said : Demand more from your own Self, than anybody could ever expect from you.  And the beauty of your mind is, it is a faithful servant to comply your orders.  Even to reach this level of awareness, you must grow in life to endure the wounds of  failures.   But the failures definitely become the stepping stones to your forward march and the fuel you needed here is perseverance.

When you have Mission in life, the stumbling blocks on the way test your patience  and your  passion  only drives you to the pinnacle of success.  If you ask me any visible progress I made in my life in the last five years,  it is this blog.   

In fact, it is not a blog, it is my friend, a part of me sliced out for the readers.   This blog made me to learn a lot and  I made one rule before the start of this blog.   Like Google Founder's,  I decided that I should not commercialize this blog and reduce it as a business entity.  Let me confess that this blog is not aimed to beg for bucks.  It is a Knowledge Blog that will never compromise on quality for the sake of  money.   Never, there was an occasion  in the last five years, I compromised  the journalistic ethos while writing even on subjects of raging issues.  The tone I used is always balanced and cheap tricks were never played to bring it to popularity.

Much before I started blogging, I read somewhere that your quality stuff would get recognition by search engines for which you should do some hard work/research before writing anything.  Copy-paste phenomena, though may give short term success, but it would put  you on mat in the long run.

Since the beginning of my blogging journey,  I used to search my blog in major search engines, but the result was not encouraging till 2014 when I took custom domain, after which the audience grew phenomenally and now the visibility of this blog in the three major search engines is beyond my wild imagination.  See the snapshot of my blog  above  - Google, the Mother of all Search Engines gives two column search results with my blog links.  Yahoo went a step ahead by providing a dedicated search button to search my articles from my blog.

This encouragement reminds me my noble responsibility - Responsible Blogging for the common Good of All Netizens !

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    Definitely need the encouragement :)


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