All the main events of my life are deeply interwoven with English which is responsible for my bread and butter.   

In fact, I am a blogger with difference.  I want to keep the flame of learning flickering in all of you.   
A few years ago, on one fine morning, a thought swirled in my mind and soon after  Knoweb was born. The word knoweb is acronym for Knowledge Web.  When I put this word as my blog's title and started writing,  I got a very encouraging response from people.  Then, I  cherished / dreamed  that this word  should appear in English dictionary.

There are so many new words  adding to the dictionary  daily and the load on  lexicographers is now partly offset  with online dictionaries contributing to the language with active public participation.
In my earlier post on ''Oxford Words Blog''  I said that  Language is also like an evolving phenomena. Over a period time, so many new words were added to the English vocabulary.  The Language has embraced so many new words from so many cultures, regions the  world over.  New situations compelled to  express in  new ways. This one characteristic of English Language did not allow to remain sloth. 

Yesterday, a small milestone was achieved when Urban has accepted my word ''knoweb'' with my meaning as ''Knowledge Web''.  I have also submitted entries to Dictionary.Com and Collins Dictionary and hope in the coming years, my word ''knoweb'' is added to all English dictionaries in the world. 

What a blogger needs more than this honour ?

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