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Friday, May 13, 2016


The title of this post is a proverb in my vernacular - Telugu.

Most of us carelessly allow certain unpleasant happenings to repeat in their lives without tightening their belt when they encounter the first ones.  This attitude invites problems or future setbacks.

So crush such avoidable happenings at the bud itself before they take an ugly turn.

Here is a caution for bloggers. Don't allow your  blog's comments option automatic as it would facilitate certain unscrupulous elements to run riot of the situation.  Even, it is not safe to keep our timeline in Facebook  in the hands of what we call friends.  If somebody  with a mischievous intention gives undesirable or objectionable comments on your social media handlers,  instead of indulging into verbal spat with them, simply block such blacksheeps from your path.

I had a couple of bitter experiences on this count and therefore scrupulously follow this dictum.  So learn the lesson quickly to safeguard your creative life ! 

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