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Tuesday, May 10, 2016


It is same old story, but with a new revelation. India's ancient Yoga System has tons of physiological and psychological benefits.   

When you are a fitness freak, your eyes could immediately catch on all those who are on action. 
It is a  a familiar scene nowadays in my local park - Sadiq Nagar, South Delhi.  This middle-aged man with eyes closed is doing silently pranayam, an ancient breathing exercise that would give immense health benefits. 

The Western world has already realized the importance of yoga and last year  United Nations also declared June 21 as International Yoga Day.  Prime Minister  Narendra Modi himself led the show last year  at Raj Path, New Delhi with a massive 35,985 participants that bagged the Guinness Book of World Records.

This year, again Prime Minister Modi participatedon June 21, 2016 at Chandigarh. This event is funded by AYUSH Ministry's grant of Rs.8 crores.   News reports suggest that special care  has been taken  to ensure that the 30,00 yoga mats are 'Made in India' and not 'Made in China', as was the case with last year (source: ).

When it comes to  my personal story ,  around three years ago, I was totally crippled with  backache that forced me  to bring some immediate lifestyle changes.  One such lifestyle change that I brought was, adding five minutes yoga slot  to save my spine.  After that, backache never visited me again.
Elated with the result, I swung into action to encourage youngsters by uploading my 5 minutes yoga video on You Tube which was later shared in this blog.  

Now, I can't ignore this 5 minutes yoga in the morning as it offsets the ill effects of my otherwise sedentary professional life :))

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