I am neither a cricket fan nor soccer fan, but rail fan. That's why I frequently visit railway stations to rekindle my dampened spirits.

You can't know why for certain urges drive us, and this rail mania is one such for me.

Whether I embark a journey or not, but a visit to a railway station is gusto to my heart.

Travel is synonymous with life.  In fact, we all are on travel in this life's journey, some where we started and some where must terminate !

The pretty interesting thing about railway station is, you could see bustling activity with a melting pot of cultures that keeps your mundane problems to corner, for a while.

The other day, I went to Hazrat Nizamuddin railway station (one of Delhi's railway stations) to see India's fastest train that was flagged off last month (April 5, 2016).  I waited for one and half hours for it's arrival (7.30 pm) and when it entered at Platform Number 3, my eyes settled on it's engine, a 5,400 horse power electric locomotive with  a capacity to travel 160 kmph.

Now, the journey from Delhi to Agra (200 km) is just 100 minutes.

When I strolled the platform,  I find the same fixed template of  snack carts with junk food and processed drinks and no  fruits or fruit drinks,  due which I had to bite the junk food :(   I also felt  the sanitation  far from satisfactory.  Though the station is somewhat decked up for the flag off ceremony,  I felt the dire need to improve the passenger amenities.

When it comes to Gatimaan Express, the train's  AC Chair Car coaches in blue and grey with a streak of bright yellow in the middle, by and large met all  parameters except unavailability of free wi-fi services on the inaugural journey, as reported by media.

A peep into the train offers a volvo-bus like cushy seats  with enough leg space with an eye to compete air journey.  Another catchy point is,  the  train is manned with   hostesses like in air travel.

Note : Train No. 12050 H. Nizamuddin (Dep. 8:10 am)  - Agra Cantt  (Arr.9:50 am)
           Train No.12049  Agra Cantt       (Dep. 5:50 pm ) -  H. Nizamuddin (Arr. 7:30 pm)
           (The train runs all weekdays except Friday )

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