New Delhi Railway station 1
New Delhi Railway station at Paharganj side -  My Samsung E7

History is a boring subject to many of us. The problem lies more in method of teaching than the actual subject.

David Christian who is a trained  historian of Russia, in March, 2011 had given  a gripping TED talk which grabbed more than 6 million views.  The subject he chose was The History of our World in 18 Minutes.  David like to call it  Big History since Big Bang.

In narrating the history, David trod a new path by using graphics in high proportion, thereby ignited the audience to know the history of our Universe in a layman's language.  In the process of preparing for his TED talk,  he surveyed the past on the largest possible scales, including those of biology and astronomy. 

After watching David's  enticing TED video, I was enthralled with his narrating style.  David with this revetting video stressed that you need to do home work to win the hearts of many.  He also sowed the seeds of interest  to know more about history.

Perhaps, you know better that I have a special charm on railway stations for it's bustling activity.  Like each place has it's history, the railway station must also have some history.  So when I visited New Delhi Railway Station,  I tried  to dig the details which were  inscribed  as under:

- Delhi Lines Committee was set up after the end of 1st World War ( 
November 11, 1918 )
- Railway Board sanctioned  New Delhi Railway Station in 1926-27.

Foundation stone for the station building was laid on 11th Feb. 1954  and Dr. Rajendra Prasad, the 1st 
  President of India inaugurated on 16th April, 1956.

The beauty of New Delhi Railway Station is it's dual entrance, one on Paharganj side and other Ajmeri Gate Side :

New Delhi Railway Station, Ajmeri Gate side
New Delhi Railway station at Ajmeri Gate  side - courtesy : My Samsung E7
Recently the fa├žades of station on the two sides were renovated  and passenger amenities  improved with the installation of escalators.  With 16 platforms and 300 running trains per day with  half a million footfalls, New Delhi Railway Station is one of the biggest and busiest railway stations in India !   

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