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Those who have great aesthetic sense, generally tilt towards transparent colour.  Glass is extensively used now in the interior decoration, furniture, statues, dolls, utensils etc.

Transparent colour gives a soothing effect on your soul and it's my fondest colour.

Have you ever thought of making a house with a glass ?  Perhaps a strange idea, at least in India where you have huge security issues.  Even with brick and mortar houses, thefts are an endless saga here.  I am yet to recover from the shock of  theft occurred in my block last week where the thieves stealthily took away valuable items from a neighbour's house, in the broad daylight.

In fact, living is an idea and all can't comprehend.  It is an assortment of  comfort, venture and aesthetics.   Japanese are known as warm-hearted people with  high dose of patriotism .   They are technologically advanced with the extensive  use of robotics in daily life.

When a man  reaches  comfortable level in  personal finances, quality becomes the buzzword in every act.  So, it is not wild idea  when  a young couple in Tokyo wanted to build a glass house in 914 square-foot area.   The moment, they got the idea, it was executed by Sou Fujimoto Architects   who say that their clients desire to live as nomads within their own home.

Now the  glass house owner perhaps enjoy Mother Nature nearer than others, but privacy is a huge concern !

But only the rich can afford to buy this idea !

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