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A good book on a rainy day is happiness for me - Ruskin Bond

Monday, May 30, 2016


Feeling down and out ?
Lift up your head
and shout -
It's a great day !  - Ruskin Bond

For any problem, generally we seek solution outside.   But, pause for a moment and  look yourself deeply and the solution always always lies within you only.  That's why wisdom masters say Don't try to fix the outside world,  fix yourself first !

Everyone of us must win the daily battles of life by constantly learning from the past mistakes.  If you analyse the reasons of failures, in  majority of cases, the heart is the culprit which don't want to accept logic.  Tame it with hard logic by giving the bait of glittering future.

If you see yourself,   there are two forces that constantly work on you.  One guides you to do this or that for the betterment,  where as  the other force tries to counter it  by imposing ifs and buts.   One entity which sits  on  top of these two forces decides the things on merit and we must strengthen this faculty.

The whole literature of Self Help books try to reiterate this  point.    What you want, can be achieved if you have a strong will to do it.  Joseph Murphy in his magnum-ops The Power of  Your Subconscious Mind, introduces the concept of ''Auto-suggestion''.  He says that auto-suggestion means suggesting something definite and specific to oneself.  He stresses that it may be used to banish various fears and other negative conditions.

The beauty of your mind is, when you want anything from the bottom of your heart, your subconscious mind accepts it and works on it.  When you shout positive words, it means, your voice need not  go to the next street, but it must reach every pore of your body and mind for acceptance.

So experiment yourself and see the magic !

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