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A good book on a rainy day is happiness for me - Ruskin Bond

Friday, May 13, 2016


Most of us like to be stereotypic and mindlessly follow others' pattern of actions.  In the process, we are out of sync with our own selves.  This is the root-cause of unhappiness.

There is no such thing like bad place or bad circumstance.  Any place or  person can't be stamped out cent percent  unbearable.  Your reaction to it matters.  That's why we are at varying levels  on the social ladder in society.

When Delhi was in the news for all wrong reasons being the world's most polluted city, on one last winter  afternoon, I undertook my walking journey from AIIMS Metro Station to Connaught place, the city's main marketing hub.

Walking through  the stretch of more than 5 kms  was really enticing.   With a book on one hand and another hand in pocket, I was the most happiest man on  Earth on that day.  The journey was pleasant as I   took regular short breaks  to savour the beauty of  nature and also to read in the surroundings. Words fail to describe my inner serenity.

I do undertake such countless solitary walks  during my weekends and  more, especially in winters.  Such pristine moments give me enough space to think life from the cud of past experiences with a view to  find  new tools for eternal happiness.   Sometimes, the new tools come by way of insights and  one such insight is this :

One source of Happiness is to get new Experience. To get New Experience, you need to Experiment.

If I  expand these lines, I could sum up that you need to get new experience every now and then which facilitates you to experiment and that experiment with right use of your mental resources put you  on happy path.

That's why our wisdom masters say that Happiness is not a destination but a continuous journey.  You can't live happily today by simply cherishing yesterday's happy moments.  You must also do something today to remain happy.  It means, like your hunger, it must be satiated on daily basis or hourly basis.  Those who can't realize this fact  can't tread the path of Happiness !

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