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A good book on a rainy day is happiness for me - Ruskin Bond

Monday, May 23, 2016


Avoid long speeches.
The less a man knows, the
longer he takes to tell it.

                        - Ruskin Bond

Five years of blogging with more than 500 articles, I still feel scare of giving advice on a reader friendly post ?  In fact, there is no hard and fast rules, but only thumb rules.

Ruskin Bond, the grandfatherly figure told in simple two sentences as above.  When I flip through newspapers, magazines or even some blogposts, I feel  that some articles/posts drag unnecessarily to the point of frustration.  Some times the ideas are  narrated  in a very pale and drousy way.

To write, you must be an embodiment of patience.  Experts   say that the attention span of general readers is very short, so in the first three or four lines, you must candidly say what you are going to tell.   You need not stick to word count.   Don't write with pomp and show as over-stressing is not at all advisable.  What you write should not defy the common logic.

Great writing is not a show off business, my father says.  The secret lies in  striking a chord  with  readers.  With scholarly writing, you would only attract few loyal readers.

So use apt words  to fit the context.  So my mantra is, redraft, redraft and redraft your  content, if possible, half a dozen times so that the prose glides through effortlessly.    One umbrella rule for great writing to happen is, read more and observe great writers style, but create your own.

Last, but not least : write   the story always from your perspective or lens  and people want that only !

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