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A good book on a rainy day is happiness for me - Ruskin Bond

Monday, May 16, 2016


Almost anyone can do the first half  of anything; only the people who do  the second half  arrive !

                                                                                   - Ruskin Bond

Most us have weak will  that would have catastrophic effect on our performance.  If somebody demands you to do something and you fail on it,  there is nothing wrong about it.  But, once you decided to do an act  on your own will and if you stop doing it or left in the middle, there is something severely wrong on your part.  You may have convinced the world with your argument, but  you can't shut your inner voice  which ruthlessly points finger upon you !

In fact, it is a struggle  within your head.  It is a wrangling between pro and against forces within your mind.  Who must win is a decision you need to take.

If there is any single cause that makes you as a bundle of failures, it is lack of  perseverance or fall prey to procrastination.   

Listen my story : Around 29 years back, I was at the brink of disaster when my interest to learn stenography started dwindling after a couple of months.   At some point of time, I even stopped practicing it.  But I ultimately tamed my mind to recognize the need to reach the goal I set for myself for the first time in my adult life.   You could imagine the condition of 18 year old young man, who hardly exposed to outside world other than college going.

After so many mental manoeuvres,  I successfully completed and  passed my Stenography exam. It was the fruition  of my life's First Goal.   To cut  the story short,  further successes came to my way with my miracle fuel called willpower.  It sprouted the seeds of encouragement in my mind to lift myself even in the face of  serious setbacks in life.  

So, the home point is , act relentlessly and this world belongs to those who work ceaselessly !

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