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Monday, May 30, 2016


Cinema is an influencing medium to educate masses.

When people become dogmatic and incite violence in the name religion, awareness is the only available pill that cures all the maladies.

When India was on the  verge of getting independence from British Raj in 1947  and the Crown decided Transfer of Power between India and newly created State Pakistan, the partition drama that followed by had widened the  gulf between Hindu and Muslim communities and  insurmountable owes on either side.

When religion raises it's ugly head and human values go into thin air, the intellectual class should not sit silent and must plunge into action.  Cinema  is the best medium that could mend human behaviour.

I just listened a tag of this song in my morning radio today and,  immediately when I dig youtube, I came up with the above result.   This five-minutes song gives the required message in simple lyrics  and the most touching part of the song is when  the  small boy touches his head  to  holy books of Bhagavad Gita and Quran, with utmost  reverence.

So, be in touch with cinema world regularly to know the subtle message for larger good of society  !

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