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Friday, April 29, 2016


Credit : My Samsung E7 - location courtesy : A park in Sadiq Nagar, New Delhi
I have been visiting the same park for the last 6 years, but  I never get bored of seeing the same template. It is the same cemented paths and line of trees, leaves, flowers etc.  But my experience to enjoy them varies day to day.

It is not look but  intensity of your gaze that decides the depth of  beauty in Nature.  That's why I get a glimpse of different hues of Nature in the balmy mornings when Nature's beauty is at it's peak. I read somewhere that you need not go anywhere to enjoy a Holiday.  The only prerequisite is, you need to have a pair of piercing eyes with time to enjoy the dimensions of Nature.   That's why, a wise man rightly said that beauty is in the looks of beholder !

At the bottom of my heart,  I don't feel the need to go to  distant lands to enjoy the holiday.  In fact I have not travelled anywhere outside Delhi for the last 3 years.  Now a days, travel for me means, local travel using all modes of transport which helps to give insights and also fodder to my blog.

When your mind is stilled, your third eye opens and you start enjoying the beauty in everything.

In fact, the beauty is just on  my backyard !  But I can't rub this philosophy on my children who press  me to take them to a summer resort  and I have yet to plan !

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