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A good book on a rainy day is happiness for me - Ruskin Bond

Wednesday, April 27, 2016


Courtesy : My Samsung E7

I was also the same city folk who generally complain that I don't have time ! until I read Ruskin Bond and Khushwant Singh.  A couple of their books changed my thought process which is much needed for a man of 45.

Now, I am a transformed soul.  I frequently visit green patches, parks, view Sun Rise, Sun Set, ponds, trees, flowers, all surrounded by Mother Nature.  That mindset helps to churn out stories for my blog instantly.

The image you are seeing above is not so extra-ordinary.  But tell me frankly, how many of us, see upwards, whether it is sky or grown up trees in the park.  When you see them, an unexplainable silence dwells on your mind and that stillness fuels your creativity.  

This morning, when I looked upwards in the nearby park to my home, I not only enjoyed the season of Spring now set in, and the blooming tree ignited me to take a snap of it for you guys.  I know that a picture can't substitute the roaring joy of Nature, but I hope it will definitely help to wake up certain drowsy souls who spend hours with their gadgets in the four walls of either their offices or homes ! 

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