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Friday, April 15, 2016


When I take a deep breath and analyse my failures, I find that in majority of cases, the reason is, not paying adequate attention to learn quick lessons.  May be, I took lame excuses for the mistakes that crawled mindlessly.

Man must take quick lessons and try to not repeat same mistakes of past.  That means he must use his head while dealing himself.    

If  I  unfold further, it can be said that hard logic needs to be applied for dealing ourselves rather than drifting away with impulse.  Many complain that it is easy to say than execute  and there is no denying on that.

If you go deep into the question of why most of us become victims of  procrastination or failing to implement  New Year Resolutions, I find the best answer in  Rolf Dobelli's Million-Copy Bestseller 'The Art of Thinking Clearly'.    Dobelli in chapter 85 Why New Year's Resolutions Don't Work : Procrastination  tells that Procrastination is the tendency to delay unpleasant but important acts.

That means procrastination is simply a mind-game that happens unconsciously.  It is like slipping away the granules of sand from your fist.   So the key is, hold only that lump of sand which your fist  could  better hold.

Further,  the dimensions of a problem also needs to be better understood which would help you to find a solution.

Thinking life like a fairy-tale is ludicrous.  Write somewhere, obviously in a Journal  your pitfalls, serious failures and ask your thinking mind what should be done to overcome them. It is almost one-to-one conversation with your own self.

In the process of tightening your belt, first strengthen your  decision-making  muscle by taking more decisions daily.  Don't respond casually with a half-shut eye.   The more quality decisions you take in everyday life, the better will be the life of tomorrow.

When you put a right amount of effort, though another setback pounds you, your friends, community or society at large respect you and that helps refuel yourself to fightback the problems with more vigour and alacrity.

To get our acts streamlined, Dobelli gives us the ultimate lesson here :

Self-imposed deadlines will work only if the task is broken down step by step, with each part assigned its own due date.

That soldier is intelligent who cleans his rifle in peace time.  The wise man  would  prepare himself for the worst without loosing enthusiasm.

To revamp my whole perspective of life and improve quality of decision-making, for the first time in my 6 years of  writing for this blog, I used a timer to write this essay.  The result is, I completed it in  sharp 30 minutes !   

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