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Sunday, February 14, 2016


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A day can't be productive unless you converse with yourself.  This is part of conscious living that  must be embedded into your daily living.  If you don't do it, you would be drifted away with so many distractions and the result is, shallowness.

Rhythm  in your routine  helps to accomplish any task with present-moment awareness.  In ensuring that rhythm, daily dose of reading and listening music helps a lot.   These two activities take alternative turns in my week-ends.

I have no set of rules to choose good music.  If there is novelty in the composition and the voice of singer strikes a chord with me, I embrace that song instantly.  

Adnan Sami Khan  is one such gifted singer of Pakistani origin whose songs vibrate with Sufi-flavour.  I have a dedicated folder of his songs  in my kitty and listening his songs would lift my soul.  It also gives creative thrust even to my routine chores.  

In a recent interview, Sami says that he has been living in India for 17 tears and he has a soul drenched in music and love.

He wears many hats : Singer, musician, pianist, actor and composer.  

His presence on social networking sites is sizeable  with 4 million Facebook likes and 224K Twitter Followers.

Adnan Sami is such celebrity singer who has huge fan-following and I am one such from India. 

You can visit his FB Page and Twitter Page here :

 The download link for his best 30 songs is  here :

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