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Thursday, November 12, 2015


Sonam Kapoor
When success embraces you, you become a overnight celebrity. The quantum of success decides the celebrity status. Then youth worships you and you will be in limelight for all good reasons.

The advantage for screen personalities is that they get quick validation from society than any other section of society.

But for a writer, the formula is little different. Here the gestation period is too long unless an icon in the society vouch for the fact. In business field also, people get fame reasonably in short period.

The pulse of society is driven mainly by youth. Being blessed with one of the highest youth population in the world, India is a perfect barometer to reflect youth’s trend. Youth are mainly influenced by cinema, so the screen-world mirrors the trend of society.

Conducting conferences, seminars offers a platform for close interaction with different segments of society. India Today, one of India's reputed News Magazines, every year conducts Youth Summit and this year’s Summit was held at Siri Fort Stadium, a kilometer from my home in South Delhi. On 31st October, 2015 it was held with pomp and show where actress Sonam Kapoor, daughter of Anil Kapoor was a star attraction.

Let me confess that I have not attended the live session, but I watched the whole video of summit on YouTube in bits and pieces and found the Sonam's video, especially the Question-Answer session very impressive.

Sonam, with her heavy designer outfit not only stole the show, but her inspiring message attracted me a lot. When asked the secret for her ''happy energy'', Sonam said, she lives in the moment and tries not to do negative things.

What Sonam said is Zen way of living. This wise girl, in her 30s digested life’s toughest wisdom effortlessly and one must inculcate this quality from this Bollywood diva whose 10 years career with 16 films is very promising!

Watch her  at Mind Rocks Summit 2015

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