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Tuesday, November 03, 2015


Courtesy : My Smartphone Samsung E7 with 13 M.P Camera
These are really unsung heroes of our lives.   Imagine a day when your maid takes a leave on being ill or you don't get a rickshaw to your last mile of destination.  Life almost comes to standstill.  Even a thought of it would swirl your mind.

Those who do manual labour  have a special  place in my heart.  The reason is simple.  I can't play their role  and that's why I would be little more compassionate when I pay for their services.    It is a kind of feeling blessed while  interacting with these humble souls.   Some times such interactions  give very valuable inputs  and help us for a course-correction in life.

The man appearing in this photo is Suresh Mondal who hails from West Bengal but came to Delhi for survival. He chose rickshaw pulling as the best bet to earn those needy bucks.  Last week, when I took his service  to return home from  market,  I got a flash to write on him.

When I engaged Suresh Mondal for this story  to ferry me to home, his smiling gesture gave me a hint that he might open up to share his life with me.  As expected, the whole ride was very pleasant as Suresh though with his wiry  frame  peddled his way  effortlessly almost with no strain.   When asked why he came to Delhi for this kind of manual labour, he said that he didn't  get  employment through out the year in his home district Malda, West Bengal which forced him to come to Delhi.  He further stated that he has some   land but not worth to be cultivated due to  inadequate rains, coupled with  insufficient irrigated water  in the area.  

Suresh stands as a latest example of countless people who don't get adequate employment in their places throughout the year.  How he manages his life  with a petty daily earnings of  Rs.500/- is a million dollar question.  Myself being fairly  employed with five digit salary is taking a bated breath to manage my house-budget.  But countless manual labourers like Suresh  do manage their lives and we must learn so much from them.

When I dwelt on Suresh's life,  immediately my heart became light as  Almighty showered his blessings abundantly on me as  I was not given the role of Suresh to play.   When I listened to his story,  it not only  soothed my nerves but  I became a little more compassionate  and gave  Rs.10/ -  extra  to the fare.  In a spur of moment,  I further loosened my purse strings and gave a further of  Rs.10/-   for contributing  to this story, which  multiplied his joy and he thanked me with a pristine smile.  But I deeply thanked him back in my heart for unfolding a slice of his life which took me to next level in understanding my life !  

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