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Saturday, November 21, 2015


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You can't blame anybody blindly.  There must be some cogent reason behind it  and I always wish anybody should  make only constructive criticism.

While doing so,  statistics may help you.

When it comes to statistics, they  always grab my attention. Because, they speak louder than words.   Over the years, I collected vast amounts of  statistics, not with an eye to write but to enlighten myself on issues of  my  interest.

The quality of life is weighed  through growth and development.  To know, where a particular State stands on these metrics, surveys always help us.   The governments must continuously work at macro  and micro level  so that  they help people in giving high standard of living.

 India Today, one of India's reputed news magazine is conducting every year survey of  State of States since long  to determine the best State in all growth parameters.  In this year's edition (2015), Gujarat stood first under Bigger States category and Sikkim, under Smaller States Category.   The assessment is made very scientifically in a wide spectrum of areas like, Agriculture, Education, Governance, Health, Infrastructure, Investment, Macro Economy, Cleanliness, Environment and more importantly 'Inclusive Development'.

Two Telugu Speaking States Telangana and Andhra Pradesh did a commendable job -.  the newly formed State of Telangana stood first under 'Inclusive Development'   and Andhra Pradesh clinched second position under 'Governance'.

Delhi which is always on limelight for wrong reasons, but it clinched first position under 'Inclusive Development' in Smaller States Category.

The survey highlights that  Delhi is  having sound digital infrastructure.   It further says that the National Capital is having good number of banks, post offices, telephone connections, broadband internet and LPG connections.   What I find  is that the City State is   doing a  lot on e-governance.

The same is evident with  'Swachh Delhi', app which was developed  to allow the  citizens to take a snap of accumulated garbage in their locations with  simple click from their smartphones so that the image is fed immediately to the concerned municipal authorities who ensure clearing of all garbage in a time-bound action programme.

This is a step that all other States must follow!

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