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Sunday, November 08, 2015


Book Review :

Competition, success are now a days more synonymous  with Private Sector in India where the employees need to hone their skills to fight everyday battles of professional life.  You need to adopt thousands of tricks to impress the customer.   The sales professionals work day is very energy intensive and unless they show up the results at the end of the day, their survival in the organization becomes questionable.   For people of such background, this book is a minefield.

I bought this book in May, 2013 and my intention to buy the same  is to understand Santosh Nair's core principles for life maximization.      His expertise lies in sales, leadership and entrepreneurship skills.   He is a known corporate trainer whose target work is productivity enhancement.

Santosh's 11 commandments are as under:

1.  Declare your expiry date
2.  Be a possibility thinker
3.  Rock the boat in the middle of the sea
4.  Be autonomous, declare your constitution today
5.  Declare that every resource around you will be maximized
6.  Declare your thoughts, words, and deeds
7.  Declare to be a leader for life
8.  Say goodbye to Emotionally Draining Distractions
9.  Be ready to be a loner
10.Declare that  you will be 'forever alive'
11.Live a life that is difficult to duplicate

Santosh in the Preface of the book says that he started his life as a salesman  29 years ago and chose to be a Meaningful Specific, and comprise only 5% in the world.   In this great book, he culled out his experience from ground zero and wrote this   practical wisdom which is a rare of its  kind.

The surprising thing is that the book has a warning. It says that this book is only for those who want to live, learn, love and leave a legacy behind.   This is not for the ordinary mortals and faint-hearted, but for all those who are normal and have the guts to become abnormal, and are willing to pay the price for what that abnormality brings.

So investing Rs.150/- to buy this book is not a bad deal, provided you are willing to raise your bar!

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