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Thursday, November 05, 2015


A road in Kotla Mubarakpur in South Delhi, just touching South Ex market - courtesy: My smartphone Samsung E7
The present government is investing Rs. 48,000 crores under the ambitious project called 'Smart Cities'.  It's a very good idea as such thought did not come to previous governments.   The basic infrastructure like better roads, sanitation, drinking water are long demands of people but due to one reason or other, they have taken back seat.  Our cities and towns urgently need a face-lift in basic infrastructure.

Being a  dweller of Delhi  for the past 5 years, I have my own views on this  city.

Delhi in a true sense can't be called a city.  It is a conglomeration of small townships sand-witched with old villages.  Still roads in interior places look like village roads. The basic infrastructure like underground electric lines have not gone deep into these village-look areas like Kotla Mubarakpur in South Delhi.

Underground drainage system is not smooth.  The choked pipes and overflowed muddy water obstruct the walkers.  In this busiest place, half of the roads are always occupied by cows and buffaloes and other part of the road is covered with stranded four-wheelers and two-wheelers leaving little space for vehicular traffic to move smoothly.  I rarely reach to the point of my destination in Kotla Mubarakpur i.e. Gurudwara Road, as our auto rickshaw can't reach there on many occasions.   More over the electric wires above your head create a fear that they may fall on you.

As a citizen of Delhi now, I have a small wish.  Let these overhead electric lines be replaced with underground cabling system so that it not only gives a decent look but prevent power leakage or illegal use.

Hope somebody in the higher echelons of power are listening to my words ! 

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