In my numerous earlier posts, I dwelt at length the aim of this blog : Dig the World Wide Web for bringing  the best free resources in front of you for personal growth.

Here I take the role of  perfume dealer. In the process of selling, he tests each perfume to find it's suitability before it is put to sale. This makes him to know more about perfumes and their quality.

In fact, this simile is an attempt to reflect my  deeper feelings of how best I could make this blog Number One Knowledge Portal in future.

Statistics always don't speak  the quality of stuff that appears in a blog or website.  No doubt Alexa ranking is a barometer to gauge the popularity of a blog or website.   There are so many blogs which provide quality stuff, but their administrators never bothered this Alexa yardstick.

My blog KNOWEB is  not lagging behind on this count, and it is doing pretty well on Alexa. Since  last November (2014) when I  joined the blogger community -, the viewership of my blog grew manifold  i.e by 400 % which is really surprising for nascent blogger who concentrated more on craft than technicalities for the last three and half years.

Since 2011,  I introduced so many websites to you which are very productive.  As on today my Alexa Rank is pretty well compare to so many professional websites/bloggers.  It is at 263,889 amongst billions of websites.  Bounce Rate which is a huge factor was considerably reduced - 28 % (lower is better). When you type  in Google Search Box, the google page shows about ten links of my articles which is really a proud moment for me. Check yourself below :

A couple of article's pagerank is pretty good in Google.  One article written by me on Telugu Language Day is showing in the first page itself in the Google Search :

Another article Buff Your Brain which is an article on human brain and it's immense power equally takes in the first page of Google search result :

All this is a good indication of brighter days ahead for me so that I could reach out to more and more people around the globe.

Now the time is to press a 'pause button' to my story and come back to the subject.  The man you are seeing above is Andhra Pradesh's prominent Telugu  Novelist, film-writer, director, motivational speaker, self-help books writer and personality development guru,  Yandamoori Veerendranath.

I heard about him through a friend a couple of years back that he is very friendly even with new people.  Having seen   so many of his youtube videos on personality development, on August, 16 this year (2015) I ventured and sent him an e-mail with links to my blog to offer his views.   The idea is born out of my sinking spirits to write for this blog.  The surprising thing is Sh Veerendranath (66) who is like a fatherly figure to me responded within a day and gave me the following reply/feedback on August, 17 which I proudly added to my citation in my About Me Page to this Blog.

"A writer's great emotional need is to feel appreciated. It boosts the gusto of the writer to create better works. Regarding your letter, I have gone through few articles and found them interesting and knowledge oriented, from the daily routine. please keep it up.''

The encouraging words of Sh Veerendranath really gave me abundant fuel to continue my blogger journey for some more months if not for years.

He has his own website where he kept so many free resources to sharpen your mind.  All his articles and other resources terribly inspire you and improve your learning curve and push you towards success path.  Here is the link you must visit and seize the opportunity :

I wish this post must make more hits, not to extol my greatness of bringing this important stuff before you,  but  validate the power of  Yandamoori's  written word .

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