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Wednesday, November 18, 2015


These days for each problem, there seems to be a  solution from technology.

Though, E-governance has brought  some perceptive change in the citizen services,  India still has to travel a lot to bring it on missionary mode.

Some States are just  making baby-steps in this direction, but Delhi  is virtually on sprint with the creation of Android App called Swachh Delhi.  It aims to get the garbage cleared from  the roads and public places on war-footing.  

Partnering with citizens directly like this is a new idea and hope this drive helps city government   to provide  garbage-free roads.

Once the  app is opened, the user  must feed his/her mobile number and take photo of garbage location and press ''send'' button.  A central database is created with the user feeds and action is  taken accordingly and a compliance report will be  sent to concerned individual. 

This  initiative of Central Government with Delhi Government and three Municipal Corporation of Delhi would change the appearance of roads and public places in Delhi.  As per news reports,   the first phase  will start from 22nd to 30th November, 2015.  Though, it will be formally inaugurated on Nov., 22, 2015,  users can now plunge into action  and send their snaps.

To download this app,  you have to give a missed call at number 7666400400. After that the user will get a message with a link to download the application.   Alternatively, the app can also be downloaded directly at or at   Google Playstore  

This is the best citizen-centric app ever made and hope  many more such initiatives would transform India !

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