Yoga is the boon given by Rishis in India to live with vitality. Those who complain with no time, could now do it even on their chairs.  The above chart shows the asanas you could do on the chair.      

When your body becomes flexible like a rubber, it means that each of your cell could give optimum performance leading to robustness and decease-free life. 


Last week (November, 23, 2015) , when I read a news item which reported  suicide of  25 year-old woman at Yamuna Bank Metro station in  Delhi,  it ached my heart deeply.    The woman named Anjali ended her life out of depression over a failed wedding match.

By jumping in front of a train entering the station, the woman's death was instantaneous.  The manner of her ending life speaks her deep frustration.   Losing hope precipitated her to wrap up the earthly journey.   When I reflected 

on the incident, my pen wrote this light verse :

Don't sink
but sync with time.

Life is precious
So, be cautious

Time is set automatically
for everyone's flight;


Delhi's Winter Glories 1,  courtesy: My Samsung E7 Smartphone with 13 M.P. Camera


In the world of achievers, only few would carve out a path for others.

Most of us dismiss at first sight this near impossible feat.  Some laggards even cast serious doubts of those who achieved it. But truth must be told unperturbedly.

Swimming, cycling and running individually are very energy intensive workouts.   Anybody could rarely think of achieving something with a mix of these three disciplines.      

Here is a 50-year-old Indian who meets all the above superlatives.   He is a model turned actor and one-time national level swimmer.  Milind Soman who took part in Ironman Triathlon in Zurich, Switzerland on 19 July this year and set a new benchmark of fitness in the most difficult one-day sporting events in the world.

Ironman Triathlon is organized by the World Triathlon Corporation consisting of 3.86 km swim, 180.25 km bicycle ride and a marathon of 42.2 km run without any break.   Milind clocked this event in a record 15 hours and 19 minutes.

At near 6 feet, Milind is a very charming man in his younger years.  I could vividly remember Milind’s impressive appearance at   the Hindi pop number ‘Made in India’ sung by my favourite Alisha Chinai in 1990s.

When asked his reaction after winning this, Milind said I wanted to gift myself something special on my 50th year and I am glad I could do this,”

Inspiring personalities give fitting lessons to the world!


Courtesy : My daughter V.S. Sindhu, Class XI with Samsung E7 smartphone, 13 M.P. Camera


Imperial Grandeur of   Lutyens  New Delhi - South Block, Rashtrapati Bhawan and North Block
Courtesy : My Samsung Smartphone E7 with 13 M.P. Camera


By my daughter V.S. Sindhu, Class XI with Smartphone Samsung E7, 13 M.P. Camera


Image result for inclusive development
You can't blame anybody blindly.  There must be some cogent reason behind it  and I always wish anybody should  make only constructive criticism.

While doing so,  statistics may help you.

When it comes to statistics, they  always grab my attention. Because, they speak louder than words.   Over the years, I collected vast amounts of  statistics, not with an eye to write but to enlighten myself on issues of  my  interest.

The quality of life is weighed  through growth and development.  To know, where a particular State stands on these metrics, surveys always help us.   The governments must continuously work at macro  and micro level  so that  they help people in giving high standard of living.

 India Today, one of India's reputed news magazine is conducting every year survey of  State of States since long  to determine the best State in all growth parameters.  In this year's edition (2015), Gujarat stood first under Bigger States category and Sikkim, under Smaller States Category.   The assessment is made very scientifically in a wide spectrum of areas like, Agriculture, Education, Governance, Health, Infrastructure, Investment, Macro Economy, Cleanliness, Environment and more importantly 'Inclusive Development'.

Two Telugu Speaking States Telangana and Andhra Pradesh did a commendable job -.  the newly formed State of Telangana stood first under 'Inclusive Development'   and Andhra Pradesh clinched second position under 'Governance'.

Delhi which is always on limelight for wrong reasons, but it clinched first position under 'Inclusive Development' in Smaller States Category.

The survey highlights that  Delhi is  having sound digital infrastructure.   It further says that the National Capital is having good number of banks, post offices, telephone connections, broadband internet and LPG connections.   What I find  is that the City State is   doing a  lot on e-governance.

The same is evident with  'Swachh Delhi', app which was developed  to allow the  citizens to take a snap of accumulated garbage in their locations with  simple click from their smartphones so that the image is fed immediately to the concerned municipal authorities who ensure clearing of all garbage in a time-bound action programme.

This is a step that all other States must follow!


These days for each problem, there seems to be a  solution from technology.

Though, E-governance has brought  some perceptible changes in the citizen services,  India still has to travel long to bring it on missionary mode.

Some States are just making baby-steps in this direction, but Delhi is virtually on sprint with the creation of Android App called Swachh Delhi.  It aims to get the garbage cleared from the roads and public places on war-footing.  

Partnering with citizens directly with this new idea, I hope this drive helps city government   to provide  garbage-free roads.

Once the app is opened, the user must feed his/her mobile number and take photo of garbage location and press ''send'' button.  A central database is created with the user-feeds and action would be taken accordingly and a compliance report will be sent to concerned individual. 

This initiative of Central Government with Delhi Government and three Municipal Corporation of Delhi would change the look of roads and public places in Delhi.  As per news reports, the first phase will start from 22nd to 30th November, 2015.  Though, it will be formally inaugurated on Nov., 22, 2015, users can now plunge into action and send their snaps.

To download this app, you have to give a missed call at number 7666400400. After that the user will get a message with a link to download the application.   Alternatively, the app can also be downloaded directly at or at   Google Playstore  


North Block in Delhi from my eyes
North Block at Vijay Chowk, New Delhi - Courtesy : My Smartphone Samsung E7 with 13 M.P. Camera

Those who curse Delhi in summer forget everything with the onset of winter.  It is a pleasant place to be in outdoors from November to March and worship  Nature. 


Cover art

Urban life has its own sort of needs.  Because the pace of life here dictates to run with time without losing action.

Imagine that the end-user is not connected with service provider which endangers both equally.

Technology by playing a catalyst role not only forges a better relationship but helps to improve the quality service at affordable price. 

I am living in South Delhi for the last five years and whenever I call a local electrician even for a small job, he charges me a whopping Rs.300/- per visit and I have no option but to endure the ordeal silently.   In another instance, I had to wait for a plumber for 24 hours to replace my burnt-water pump.   Getting AC mechanic in time is equally distressing especially in the peripheral areas in mega cities.

 But the democratization of information through Internet gives a real power and the buzz  now is, app-driven solutions to the services across the spectrum that confront daily life.

Once the  highly un-organized service market in India is now slowly being linked to the Web with a mobile interface so that the service-providers are at your beck and call  24 x7 that too for a price you need not bargain.   This app-driven business may change the future landscape of commerce in India.   
This soft power is truly rewarding.  70 + apps in my smartphone speak the level my dependency on technology.  Daily countless apps are being added to Google Playstore, some are free apps and some other paid apps but each app comes with a motto.  

In this blogpost, I am reviewing a free Android app called UrbanClap.  It is a 4.2 rating app with already 100 thousand downloads.   This app is made specially for city dwellers to get various services at the click of a button.  You can rightly say that it is one stop solution putting all urban lifestyle services under one umbrella.  With this app, you can effortlessly hire trusted professionals  at affordable rate,  hassle-free.

Presently, this service is available in Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Chennai and Bangalore, Pune.

When I checked the services available in Delhi, it shows a wide array services ranging from engaging Yoga  instructor to  Photographer, Make up professional to Birthday planner, Interior designer to Guitar teacher, Counselors to Tax consultant etc.

Under Home Services, you can call an electrician, plumber, carpenter, home cleaner or AC mechanic or call for pest control services.

The Developers in Google Playstore describe the App as under:

Choose from over 50+ services and book home services on the app based on pre-approved prices. Trusted service provider will be sent to your home at the time slot selected. Pay secure and easily through Paytm wallet.

Send request for professional services through the app by answering simple questions. Get a list of pre-screened professionals, as per your requirement, to choose from. Read profiles and reviews for each professional, compare quotes and hire the one you like.


• Range of Home Services - Full range of service providers like electric work, plumbing work, air conditioner technician, home cleaners, wooden repair work, pest control, made available instantly

• Expert Professional Services - Various urban need can be booked through the app. Photographer for any occasion, guitar trainer, interior designers, home event planner, counselor for tax or legal purpose, wellness expert at all

• Trusted Professional - We screen the service providers and list only trusted service providers on our platform

• Transparent pricing and easy payments - You pay based on pre-approved quotes. Seamless payment options.

• Convenient booking - You can book services at your home at the time convenient to you

UrbanClap android app with these amazing features definitely satiate all service needs for people in metro cities.  In one word, it is a must download for city dwellers.

To download the app, click below:


Sonam Kapoor
When success embraces you, you become a overnight celebrity. The quantum of success decides the celebrity status. Then youth worships you and you will be in limelight for all good reasons.

The advantage for screen personalities is that they get quick validation from society than any other section of society.

But for a writer, the formula is little different. Here the gestation period is too long unless an icon in the society vouch for the fact. In business field also, people get fame reasonably in short period.

The pulse of society is driven mainly by youth. Being blessed with one of the highest youth population in the world, India is a perfect barometer to reflect youth’s trend. Youth are mainly influenced by cinema, so the screen-world mirrors the trend of society.

Conducting conferences, seminars offers a platform for close interaction with different segments of society. India Today, one of India's reputed News Magazines, every year conducts Youth Summit and this year’s Summit was held at Siri Fort Stadium, a kilometer from my home in South Delhi. On 31st October, 2015 it was held with pomp and show where actress Sonam Kapoor, daughter of Anil Kapoor was a star attraction.

Let me confess that I have not attended the live session, but I watched the whole video of summit on YouTube in bits and pieces and found the Sonam's video, especially the Question-Answer session very impressive.

Sonam, with her heavy designer outfit not only stole the show, but her inspiring message attracted me a lot. When asked the secret for her ''happy energy'', Sonam said, she lives in the moment and tries not to do negative things.

What Sonam said is Zen way of living. This wise girl, in her 30s digested life’s toughest wisdom effortlessly and one must inculcate this quality from this Bollywood diva whose 10 years career with 16 films is very promising!

Watch her  at Mind Rocks Summit 2015



My Painting : Candle light, 1990 - Courtesy: Nokia 3230 mobilephone with 2 M.P Camera


Book Review :

Competition, success are now a days more synonymous  with Private Sector in India where the employees need to hone their skills to fight everyday battles of professional life.  You need to adopt thousands of tricks to impress the customer.   The sales professionals work day is very energy intensive and unless they show up the results at the end of the day, their survival in the organization becomes questionable.   For people of such background, this book is a minefield.

I bought this book in May, 2013 and my intention to buy the same  is to understand Santosh Nair's core principles for life maximization.      His expertise lies in sales, leadership and entrepreneurship skills.   He is a known corporate trainer whose target work is productivity enhancement.

Santosh's 11 commandments are as under:

1.  Declare your expiry date
2.  Be a possibility thinker
3.  Rock the boat in the middle of the sea
4.  Be autonomous, declare your constitution today
5.  Declare that every resource around you will be maximized
6.  Declare your thoughts, words, and deeds
7.  Declare to be a leader for life
8.  Say goodbye to Emotionally Draining Distractions
9.  Be ready to be a loner
10.Declare that  you will be 'forever alive'
11.Live a life that is difficult to duplicate

Santosh in the Preface of the book says that he started his life as a salesman  29 years ago and chose to be a Meaningful Specific, and comprise only 5% in the world.   In this great book, he culled out his experience from ground zero and wrote this   practical wisdom which is a rare of its  kind.

The surprising thing is that the book has a warning. It says that this book is only for those who want to live, learn, love and leave a legacy behind.   This is not for the ordinary mortals and faint-hearted, but for all those who are normal and have the guts to become abnormal, and are willing to pay the price for what that abnormality brings.

So investing Rs.150/- to buy this book is not a bad deal, provided you are willing to raise your bar!


Courtesy : My Nokia 3230 mobile phone with 2 M.P camera in 2007

                                           This water-colour painting had been made by me in 1990s


                        Note :   
                                 I have not been trained in this talent from anywhere.
                                 I picked up the brushes during my class 10 and continued till
                                 my graduation i.e. 1990. After that I stopped doing and
                                 now it is 25 years of leaving this hobby.


      Book Review 

Investing rupees hundred on this book more than a decade ago introduced me to Carnegie's literature and thereafter ignited me to read more self-help books of West.

The principles underlined in this best seller is known to everybody, but the implementation part differentiates a successful man from that of failed one. In fact, this book is a compilation from the two great books of Dale Carnegie : How to Win Friends and Influence People and How to Stop Worrying and Start Living.

Carnegie wrote these books in 1930s, but the ideas and strategies he recommended have remain unchanged as there would be no change in human dimension. It is only the context that changes but the thinking remains same in any generation. New technologies may give new comforts but man's explorative mind don't alter with time.

In the Foreword, Dorothy Carnegie says that you already possess hidden assets within yourself that can make your life glorious. All you need is the determination to uncover and use them.

When it comes to the contents of the book, it has all the necessary stuff one needs to tone up his inner world. It has four parts :

- Part One : Seven Ways to Peace and Happiness.
- Part Two : Fundamental Techniques in Handling People.
- Part Three : Ways to Win People to Your Way of Thinking.
- Part Four : Ways to Change People Without Giving Offense or Arousing Resentment

Each part has 4 to 7 chapters each with sub-headings with strategy to be adopted to a particular dimension of problem in life. Those who want to improve in life must keep this book on their bed-side!


In my numerous earlier posts, I dwelt at length the aim of this blog : Dig the World Wide Web for bringing  the best free resources in front of you for personal growth.

Here I take the role of  perfume dealer. In the process of selling, he tests each perfume to find it's suitability before it is put to sale. This makes him to know more about perfumes and their quality.

In fact, this simile is an attempt to reflect my  deeper feelings of how best I could make this blog Number One Knowledge Portal in future.

Statistics always don't speak  the quality of stuff that appears in a blog or website.  No doubt Alexa ranking is a barometer to gauge the popularity of a blog or website.   There are so many blogs which provide quality stuff, but their administrators never bothered this Alexa yardstick.

My blog KNOWEB is  not lagging behind on this count, and it is doing pretty well on Alexa. Since  last November (2014) when I  joined the blogger community -, the viewership of my blog grew manifold  i.e by 400 % which is really surprising for nascent blogger who concentrated more on craft than technicalities for the last three and half years.

Since 2011,  I introduced so many websites to you which are very productive.  As on today my Alexa Rank is pretty well compare to so many professional websites/bloggers.  It is at 263,889 amongst billions of websites.  Bounce Rate which is a huge factor was considerably reduced - 28 % (lower is better). When you type  in Google Search Box, the google page shows about ten links of my articles which is really a proud moment for me. Check yourself below :

A couple of article's pagerank is pretty good in Google.  One article written by me on Telugu Language Day is showing in the first page itself in the Google Search :

Another article Buff Your Brain which is an article on human brain and it's immense power equally takes in the first page of Google search result :

All this is a good indication of brighter days ahead for me so that I could reach out to more and more people around the globe.

Now the time is to press a 'pause button' to my story and come back to the subject.  The man you are seeing above is Andhra Pradesh's prominent Telugu  Novelist, film-writer, director, motivational speaker, self-help books writer and personality development guru,  Yandamoori Veerendranath.

I heard about him through a friend a couple of years back that he is very friendly even with new people.  Having seen   so many of his youtube videos on personality development, on August, 16 this year (2015) I ventured and sent him an e-mail with links to my blog to offer his views.   The idea is born out of my sinking spirits to write for this blog.  The surprising thing is Sh Veerendranath (66) who is like a fatherly figure to me responded within a day and gave me the following reply/feedback on August, 17 which I proudly added to my citation in my About Me Page to this Blog.

"A writer's great emotional need is to feel appreciated. It boosts the gusto of the writer to create better works. Regarding your letter, I have gone through few articles and found them interesting and knowledge oriented, from the daily routine. please keep it up.''

The encouraging words of Sh Veerendranath really gave me abundant fuel to continue my blogger journey for some more months if not for years.

He has his own website where he kept so many free resources to sharpen your mind.  All his articles and other resources terribly inspire you and improve your learning curve and push you towards success path.  Here is the link you must visit and seize the opportunity :

I wish this post must make more hits, not to extol my greatness of bringing this important stuff before you,  but  validate the power of  Yandamoori's  written word .


The correct spelling is : Pepper


A road in Kotla Mubarakpur in South Delhi, just touching South Ex market - courtesy: My smartphone Samsung E7
The present government is investing Rs. 48,000 crores under the ambitious project called 'Smart Cities'.  It's a very good idea as such thought did not come to previous governments.   The basic infrastructure like better roads, sanitation, drinking water are long demands of people but due to one reason or other, they have taken back seat.  Our cities and towns urgently need a face-lift in basic infrastructure.

Being a  dweller of Delhi  for the past 5 years, I have my own views on this  city.

Delhi in a true sense can't be called a city.  It is a conglomeration of small townships sand-witched with old villages.  Still roads in interior places look like village roads. The basic infrastructure like underground electric lines have not gone deep into these village-look areas like Kotla Mubarakpur in South Delhi.

Underground drainage system is not smooth.  The choked pipes and overflowed muddy water obstruct the walkers.  In this busiest place, half of the roads are always occupied by cows and buffaloes and other part of the road is covered with stranded four-wheelers and two-wheelers leaving little space for vehicular traffic to move smoothly.  I rarely reach to the point of my destination in Kotla Mubarakpur i.e. Gurudwara Road, as our auto rickshaw can't reach there on many occasions.   More over the electric wires above your head create a fear that they may fall on you.

As a citizen of Delhi now, I have a small wish.  Let these overhead electric lines be replaced with underground cabling system so that it not only gives a decent look but prevent power leakage or illegal use.

Hope somebody in the higher echelons of power are listening to my words ! 


Location courtesy: Sarojini Market, New Delhi - credits: My Smartphone - Samsung E7 with 13 M.P


Courtesy : My Smartphone Samsung E7 with 13 M.P Camera

The man appearing in this photo is Suresh Mondal who hails from West Bengal and came to Delhi for survival. He chose rickshaw pulling as the best bet to earn those needy bucks.  Last week, when I took his service  to return home from  market,  I got an idea to write on him.

When I conversed  with  Suresh Mondal for this story  while he was ferrying  me to home, his smiling gesture gave me a hint that he might open up to share his life with me.  As expected, the whole ride was very pleasant as Suresh though with his wiry frame peddled his way effortlessly almost with no strain.   When asked why he came to Delhi for this kind of manual labour, he said that he didn’t get employment throughout the year in his home district Malda, West Bengal which forced him to come to Delhi.  He further stated that he has some   land but not worth to be cultivated due to inadequate rains, coupled with insufficient irrigated water in the area.  

Suresh stands as a latest example of countless people who don't get adequate employment in their places throughout the year.  How he manages his life with some petty daily earnings of Rs.500/- is a million-dollar question.  Myself being fairly employed with five-digit salary is taking a bated breath to manage my house-budget.  But countless manual labourers like Suresh  do manage their lives and we must learn so much from them.

When I dwelt on Suresh's life,  immediately my heart became light as  Almighty showered his blessings abundantly on me as  I was not given the role of Suresh to play.   When I listened to his story, it not only soothed my nerves but I became a little more compassionate and gave Rs.10/ -  extra to the fare.  In a spur of moment, I further loosened my purse strings and gave a further of Rs.10/-   for contributing to this story, which had multiplied his joy and he thanked me with a pristine smile.  But I deeply thanked him back in my heart for unfolding a slice of his life which took me to next level in understanding my life!  


Courtesy :My Nokia 3230 mobile phone with 2 M.P camera - Location : Neyveli, Tamil Nadu, India


Courtesy: My Mobile Samsung E7 camera (13 M.P)


Book Review

Dale Carnegie is one of the foremost personality development gurus of 20th century in America.   During his time, Dale was known to conduct famous courses in self-improvement, salesmanship, corporate training, public speaking and interpersonal skills.

Now so many leadership courses are on offer at and all the current courses are based on the ideology of  Carnegie whose books are sold everywhere in almost all railway stations throughout India.  His famous books include How to Win Friends and Influence people and How to stop worrying & start living.

The above book is in fact not written by Dale Carnegie, but each chapter of the book starts with Carnegie's famous quote.  The chapters dwell at length on the real life situations underlying the core management principles of Carnegie.

The back flap of the book says  that the co-authors Stuart R. Levine and Michael A. Crom offers Carnegie's time-tested human relationship principles to demonstrate how anyone can harness creativity and enthusiasm to work more productively.  The book offers very rare insights of authors of how to strike a balance between work and leisure.  The book also guides you to achieve  your goals and increase your self-confidence and above all, the book facilitates you to identify your own leadership strengths.

The book helped to harness my own inner potential and helped to achieve some success in life.  The interesting chapters on subjects such as Listening to Handling Mistakes bring a total transformation in your life.  It injects a positive mental attitude into your life  to achieve the goals set for yourself.

The crux of the book lies in overcoming your worries and tread a path on success !