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Friday, October 16, 2015


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This is an App driven world.

The purpose of any App is specific to a certain need.  On Android Platform, millions of apps are made daily and majority are free downloads and some paid ones.

When any app is first made, the developers continue to work on it to make its interface and functioning more user-friendly with lesser system resources thereby upgrade versions of app continue to hit Play Store every moment.

Every alternative day, Google's Chrome browser app is updated giving near desktop browser experience for 
 mobile devices.

Those who wish to be more productive with technology  have more opportunities.  That's why I upgrade my mobilephone frequently as newly released device would give  latest hardware and software.

Considering the importance of mobile apps in our everyday life, I have a separate section in my blog  -
Mobile App   where you find some best mobile apps that need to be installed on your Android Phone.

Recently, I come across a very good app called True Caller which is made by a Swedish developer  I just downloaded it and find very useful. 

Basically, it works as a caller ID and help to block a particular call if needed.    It helps to identify unknown numbers, avoid spam calls and SMS and stay connected with those you want.

It helps to know who is calling you even if you don't have their number in your address books. You can easily know the caller's location. One important thing is  that the app don't share your phone book, so you need not be panic.

In one word, it is a must download app ! 

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