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Monday, October 12, 2015


There is no limit to human imagination.  If you wish to do one activity, you don't want to do the same way again.   Your mind wants to tread a new path which means that the juice of creativity flows universally in the same pattern in all of us.

But every person takes a momentary decision not to experiment.  Only few take a  deliberate choice and  act upon their wish and thereby show their uniqueness to the world.

I fall in between these two temperaments.  My mind thinks to find newer ways even for routine chores, but often I keep a deaf ear to that inner urge and simply follow the usual way which I feel comfortable.

Take for instance, I have not changed my mobile theme for the last three months.  Even it took two months to change a wallpaper on my mobile.  The reason is sheer laggardness.  With regard to desktop wallpaper, I prefer only the black background.  I like black colour, because our Universe looks black only.  There is a comfort with this colour.  Your don't get glaze with this background and eyes don't strain.

The same is the case with ringtone to my mobile.  I don't exactly remember when I last changed my ringtone.  In the six months of it's existence, only twice I have changed my ringtone.  Because, I accustom to certain pattern of ringtones and my ears don't like new ones on daily basis.  But the world outside me is so vibrant and most people   change so fast and I need to learn a lot from these guys.

The other day, I went to the market and during my return journey, I booked an auto rickshaw through an App driven vehicle service - Ola Cabs.  When I got confirmation SMS with the auto driver's mobile number, I keyed his number to inform my exact location.  When my ring went the other side,  a woman's voice replied '' Haa ji kya chahiye, o, abhi ghar pe nahi hai''  Immediately, I disconnected the call.  But I got return call from the auto driver.  When I boarded his auto, I told him that the call went erroneously to his spouse number.  In response, he smiled and told that he kept that lady voice as his choice ringtone.   I too smiled back for his gesture !

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