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Friday, October 02, 2015


When I utter the word Gandhi, two other words flash into my mind: Truth and Cleanliness. If both distil into your daily life, you can enjoy the fruits of heaven on earth itself. Why because, when you say truth, your heart always remains pure without dual standards. There would be no inner conflicts. Further, if cleanliness is brought into everyday life, not only it keeps you neat and tidy, but helps others to see you in good light.

2nd October being Gandhi’s 146th birth anniversary today, let me frankly say a few words from my inner heart.

I read a lot about as my school lesson and also read his eternal quotes over the years which always inspire me when I am in low spirits. But I am sad about one thing. I could not complete Gandhi’s much-acclaimed book - The Story of My Experiments with Truth - which I purchased on 31st August, 2013. I read only a few chapters of the voluminous book and while reading I felt as if I am reading myself.

The book is basically a kind of self-confessions by a man who wants perfection in every act and more so wish to bring integrity to the center of everyday living. It is a book that should not be missed to read. His methods of non-violence to drive away British from India is greatly talked magic around the globe. Nelson Mandela who adopted the same principles to bring freedom to his motherland - South Africa - would also be remembered long for the same virtues Gandhi perfected himself.

The central message of Gandhi's life in nutshell is 'Bring spirituality into everyday living which will take your awareness to next level. This is called yoga!'

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