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Monday, October 19, 2015


One of the most essential qualities to earn love and respect in the Bloggers' World  is to have signature style in your expression.

Whatever the language you choose, the expression must be of high order.  It is simply not writing in a haphazard manner.   In the process of increasing the frequency of blog posts, one should not compromise on  the quality of writing.

Unless you are a professional blogger, in the daily tug-of-war with professional compulsions, it is not as easy as said to  prune language abilities for better writing.  I don't think there is a rich vocabulary or poor vocabulary.  The vocabulary must be in tune with the context.

Language is also like an ever evolving phenomena. Over a period, time, so many new words were added to the English vocabulary.  The Language has embraced so many new words from so many cultures, regions the world over.  New situations compelled to express in new ways. This one characteristic of English Language did not allow to remain sloth.

That's why dictionary app is my most favourite app on my phone. Much before I shifted to Android Phone, my earlier Nokia phone was installed with dictionary so that I don't wait for a new word to be known.

Language is a vehicle which will aid you to express your concept.  Once a blogger, lays stress on language, the prose adds soul to it.  This should be the behind-scenes act for every blogger.   Apart from concentrating on technical aspects of blogging, the sure shot to impress the reader is to keep the expression rich.  To reach to that level, if required, you may take long holiday from writing, but when you come back, try to write with zeal and charm.  Write from the depths of your heart.  Write in an engaging tone. Feel to write for yourself rather than for others.

Dictionaries must aid to increase the firepower within you.  Both offline dictionaries, including physical ones help to build your word power brick by brick.     Apart from referring dictionaries on daily basis, one must keep an eye on the new words that are adding to the Language.  Keep a dedicated note book for increasing your word power.

To keep a track of such new words that add to the dictionary every year, the ideal choice is visit an authentic source.  What  best source you get other than Oxford Words Blog where they post new words  from time to time.

The importance of vocabulary need not be overemphasized  for fiction writers and poets who search for new expressions and Oxford words blog helps  them to enrich their ideas.

One last word:   Since, it is not possible to replace our physical dictionaries quite often, the solution lies in checking new words in Oxford dictionary's online client  at  :  

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