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Monday, October 19, 2015


In its April, 7, 2014 edition, one of India's prominent English News Magazine, India Today had brought out one interesting story: 10 Medical Marvels poised to save your life.  In that insightful article which  enumerated the new medical advances/procedures/gadgets /tests that will knock at our hospital doors, one sub-story Map Your Genes caught my eye.

Considering the health complications and lifestyle diseases that lead to  surge in mortality rates in youngsters, we will definitely need to take our genes tested much early in life so that the future diseases that may crop up are detected much early and preventive medicine is taken to limp back to normalcy.

The power of future medicine lies in this cutting edge technology called genome mapping.

Aligning of horoscopes for marriages must be replaced by this genome patri, a blueprint of your biological destiny.  As explained in the story, the genome map will predict disease risks like alcoholism, male baldness, cancer, diabetes etc.

A layman may not immediately grasp what this test means.  To understand it, first of all you  must know what genes do in your body.

Genes are the body's chemical instructions for your entire life.  They hold information for growth, survival, having children.  Your genes are a mixture - half come from your mother and half from your father.  But none of your brothers or sisters will get the same mix, unless you are identical twins.

Scientists say that genes make us unique and each person's genome is different from the other. In fact, genes are sections of DNA - a microscopically tiny molecule inside each cell.  Each cell in your body has roughly about 90,000 pairs of genes.
In future I predict that in  India,  a health database is also created centrally and linked to Aadhaar with some privacy provisions so that the health history of each person including the genome map testing results help us to monitor the state of health of   a country of   world's highest youngster population - India. 

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