Ever since internet came into our lives, it has opened new doors of freedom.   The result is that information is flowing more freely which is a sign of vibrant democracy.

The best safeguard to ensure transparency in the flow of information is to put in place a regulatory framework which acts as a watch dog to monitor and bring to surface any bias, disparity in the process.

Freedom House  works on these lines and  acts as an independent watchdog to ensure expansion of freedom and democracy around the world.  Founded in 1941, it was the first American organization to champion the cause  of freedom globally.

Internet being the most powerful medium to reach public,  people  are curious to know the state of internet in their country.   Taking such cues, Freedom House started conducting surveys on the state of Internet in the world under caption "Freedom on the Net''.    Based on certain inputs and ground level survey, each country gets some score. The rules for  scoring  is :

0 = Best and 100 =Worst.

India fared reasonably well with a moderate score of 40 in the  Freedom on the Net Survey conducted for the year 2015.

The report is very exhaustive  with abundant statistics.   

You can read  the India Report
Click here

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